30 Best Gaming Chairs On The Planet [Ultimate 2019 List]

Fellow gamer, hello! My goal here at Gaming Chairs Hunter is to find the perfect gaming chair for everybody’s ass.

The reason is very simple: having the best gaming chair is quite an ASSet if you want to up your game.

However, there’s this issue of picking the best gaming chair among 100s (if not 1000s) of gaming chairs. I’ve spent more than $3000 on 10+ gaming chairs over the last 5 years and 8 out of 10 of them where just ‘meh’.

best gaming chair for comfortable gaming
Gaming chairs should be both comfortable, ergonomic and cool.

What I realized is that picking the best gaming chair that actually makes you a better gamer is not all that simple, especially if you’re looking for a comfortable chair with some ergonomic features that will enable you to complete a 12-hour Civilization V game without actually knowing you’re sitting on a chair.

Or one that would finally lift my KD in Call Of Duty!

We all hate uncomfortable chairs that are literally a pain in the ass. And, you know, I don’t want to have backpains when I’m in my 30s just because I love to game like crazy.

That’s why I’ve dedicated myself, almost religiously, to a single goal.

Mission objective #1: Hunt down the best gaming chairs in the world (by tracking them down via how comfortable they feel, what kind of additional features they have and, above all else, to be able to pull off those 12-hour gaming marathons without a sore ass and without breaking my back).

This is the ultimate guide of the best gaming chairs on the planet and of little tricks and tips on how to choose a chair that will be best for you personally.

Types Of Gaming Chairs (Let’s Start With What Kind Of Chair You’re Really Looking For)

There are different kinds of gaming chair because they’re different kinds of people who play games. That’s pretty obvious, right?

Roughly speaking you have 3 kinds of gamers and thus 3 types of gaming chairs:

 Racing Gaming ChairsTop-Tier Gaming ChairsErgonomic Office Chairs
Best for:Teenagers, college kidsPROs and guy in late 20s, early 30sOffice guys who game a lot
Top brands:VON RACER, KILLABEE, AutoFull, DXRacernoblechairs, Secretlab, SIDIZHerman Miller, Steelcase
Made in:China (mostly, with few exceptions)US, Germany, Italy, UKUS, Germany, UK
Price range:$100-$400$400-$700$900-$1600
Best chair:VON RACER racing gaming chair
von racer black gaming chair that is perfect for strategy gamers
noblechairs ICON real leather chair
real leather noblechairs icon chair in dark blue color with armrests and thick padding
Incredible Herman Miller Aeron office chair
white aeron miller chair with synchronized tilt
List: Top 19 List
Top 7 List Top 4 List
In the end, picking a gaming chair comes down to your personal preferences.

To make picking a gaming chair easier, I’ve laid out some suggestions for the best gaming chairs of each type of chair below:

19 Best Racing Gaming Chairs (Standard Ones For Less Than $300, Appropriate For High School, College Guys)

Target:Chair Name:Cool Feature:Rating:
von racer black gaming chair that is perfect for strategy gamersVON RACER Ultimate Gaming Chair Spine-oriented backrest
Massage lumbar support + footrest for extra comfy time
5 out of 5 stars
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anda gaming chairAnda Spirit King Chair For Big Guys Incredible 400 lbs max. weight capacity (big big guys)
Unique backrest design
4.8 out of 5 stars
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autofull gaming chair with bunny ears in pink and whiteAutoFull Gaming Chair (Available In Pink For The Ladies) Metal frame, SGS4, premium PU leather, body-hugging
Kawaii design; pink PU leather + Bonus: bunny ears!
Used by pros
4.8 out of 5 stars
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desino cheap gaming chair for less than 100 dollarsDESINO Red And White Racing Chair Best gaming chair under $100
Built with surprisingly high-quality materials for such a cheap chair
4.7 out of 5 stars
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Cougar Armor Titan with pvc leather for sophisticated gamersCougar Armor Titan Premium Gaming Chair Excellent durability; steel and PVC leather
The Titan has 350 lbs weight capacity
Amazing 4D armrests
4.7 out of 5 stars
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Arozzi Verona V2 italian gaming chair all in blackArozzi Verona V2 Advanced Racing Chair Minimalistic Italian design
Balances between comfortability and ergonomic features fairly well
4.6 out of 5 stars
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healgen gaming chair that has massage back and footrestHEALGEN Back Massage Gaming Chair The most comfortable gaming chair for less than $200
Neat USB-enabled massage back
4.5 out of 5 stars
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e win chair for big and tall guys who weigh more than 300 poundsE-WIN 400 LBS Gaming Chair Mixture of computer chair and cosy racing car seat
Best thing E-WIN ever made
4.5 out of 5 stars
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vertagear sl2000 with awesome castors in white and black leatherVertagear SL2000 Original Gaming Chair State-of-the-art sleek design
Premium chair, premium brand, premium price
4.4 out of 5 stars
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dxracer tank gaming chair for huge guys who weigh over 400 poundsDXRacer Tank (Series DOH/TS29/N) The Biggest Gaming Chair On The Planet It's a freaking TANK! (big and bold, for huge guys)
Must be over 6 foot and have 200+ pounds
4.4 out of 5 stars
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killabe 8272 new 2019 gaming chairKILLABEE 8272 Gaming Chair Most comfortable KILLABEE chair
Everything is adjustable, looks awesome and is built primary for comfort
4.4 out of 5 stars
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devoko gaming chair in black and white for a perfect gaming experience on a budgetDEVOKO Pioneer Gaming Chair Racing chair from top to bottom
Offers all racing chair features at a very low price
4.3 out of 5 stars
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most comfortable bossin grey gaming chair with the extended footrest and comfy armrestsBOSSIN Gaming Chair With Footrest SO much cushioning
Cushy yet budget-friendly
4.3 out of 5 stars
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nokaxus YK-6008 large gaming chair with armrests and backrestNokaxus YK-6008 Large Gaming Chair One thick ass seat (+30% thickness)
Big, sturdy and badass
4.2 out of 5 stars
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uomax two gaming chairs in green from the front and from the backUOMAX Futuristic Gaming Chair Futuristic 2020 design sleek and thin chair
Lightweight (but durable) materials
LED light, looks crazy awesome
4.2 out of 5 stars
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best respawn 900 reclining gaming chair in black pu leatherRESPAWN-900 Recliner With Super Footrest And Cupholder Finally a chair with a cupholder
Unique and comfy footrest
Created (and used by) PROs on championships
4.1 out of 5 stars
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solid gtracing chair in red PU leather that can swivel and be used for fps gamesGTRACING Classic Gaming Chair One of "the classics"
Tried-and-tested to be durable
4 out of 5 stars
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killabee big and tall the best gaming chair for big guysKILLABEE (or) VON RACER 8257 Big And Tall 400 LBS Gaming Chair Big and comfortable
Seat texture looks (and feels) like Thanos's beard
4 out of 5 stars
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merax seat for gaming is one of the best blue gaming chairsMerax Popular Gaming Chair Has 'Amazon's Choice' badge
Tried-and-tested with a great track record
3.9 out of 5 stars
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1. VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair

The VON RACER is a true nobility among the racing chairs. It’s not because it has VON in its name; it’s because of the trio of sick looks, complete comfortability, and low price.

Despite being a racing gaming chair, the VON RACER gaming chairs offer some extraordinary features that every young gamer should be looking for.

These include a fully spine-oriented backrest with an USD-power massage support in the lumbar area that only $500+ chairs can offer:

von racer chair for competitive gaming and with retractable footrest and lumbar massage
VON RACER is hands down one of the best racing chairs. Sleek design with spine-oriented backrest and low-price are the name of the game here.

The VON RACER is both sturdy and durable. You don’t want a 30-pound chair that will be loose and easy to kick around.

This is a heavy 50+ pound chair for gaming with integrated metal frame. Together with the enhanced gas spring and cool hardcore casters, it brings the maximum weight capacity to 350 lbs.

It is a bit more complex to set up and it will usually take about 30 minutes to fully install a VON RACER chair. That’s quite understandable given the wide range of features the chair offers.

Looking through the reviews of the VON RACER chair, people point out how cool it looks and see major value in the comfortability and lumbar massage support. Here’s one VON RACER chair review:

von racer gaming chair review

What I personally found most amazing about this chair is that is costs less than $200.

Having reviewed tons of gaming chairs, I’ve yet to find one that would offer such comfortability (with massage pillow, no less), gaming experience and sturdy/durable design for such a low price.

Let’s look at some pros and cons of VON RACER chair:

Sleek design with spine-oriented backrest.

Powerful integrated metal frame with 350 lbs max. capacity.

USB-powered massage pillow for long gaming sessions.

Footrest under the seat for additional comfy time.

Incredible price point of below $200.

It does take up to 30 minutes to fully assemble it.


2. Anda Spirit King Chair For Big Guys [400 lbs]

It’s absolutely crazy to see such an incredibly big chair with such a high rating. Anda Spirit King gaming chair is not only big and tall guys; even huge guys feel as comfortable as f****ck.

There are two reasons why the Anda chair is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs for big guys:

  1. It’s really huge. You don’t have squeeze your legs, ass or arms anywhere, there is plenty of space.
  2. The uniquely shaped backrest. Better air circulation and incredibly comfortable.
comfortable gaming chair for big guys called anda spirit king
Anda Spirit King gaming chair for big guys has plenty of space for arms, ass, and legs.

If you’re overweight, you realize that you should be careful about your back a bit more, even when sitting. The fitted memory foam pillow in the lumbar area and the 3D armrests take care of some of the weight and partially relieve the stress on the spine.

Pretty much every reviewer realized how comfortable it is and just can’t get enough of it. A bit of the warning in this Anda gaming chair review – putting it together might not be difficult but the instructions are somewhat lacking:

enow gaming chair review of the most comfortable gaming chair for big and tall guys

For the Anda Spirit King gaming chair to be able to hold a maximum of 400 lbs, the design of the chair has to be literally made out of steel.

It should take about 15 minutes to put the giant chair for big guys together. For technically unskilled gamers (such as myself, what I know computers, not how to put stuff together!), it can take up to 30 minutes.

The best thing is the price. You won’t find such a huge gaming chair anywhere for less than $250. Obviously, materials costs and the bigger the chair the bigger the material cost. However, the Anda chair producers managed to keep down the costs splendidly.

Here is the summary of the Anda gaming chair review:

Incredible 400 lbs max. capacity, appropriate even for huge guys.

3D armrests to take the weight of your spine.

Incredible price point of below $250.

Assembly instructions are somewhat lacking.

Not appropriate for short guys under 200 lbs.

Buy Anda Here

3. AutoFull Pink Gaming Chair With Bunny Ears (For Girl Gamers)

Let’s get straight to the obvious; yes, the AutoFull chair is pink and, yes, it has bunny ears. That doesn’t automatically mean that hardcore gamers should make jokes out of the pinkish gaming chair. It deserves the 3rd place on the list of best racing chairs for a very good reason:

It’s absolutely brilliant!

The AutoFull chair has an integrated metal frame and SGS4 (not SGS3, mind you) explosion-proof gas spring. The body-hugging design with memory foam and premium PU leather follows the natural curvature of your back to provide the maximum support.

Now get this: the AutoFull is used by International Pro Leagues such as LPL, MDI and WCA. This is a chair for pros (and, yes, it has cute bunny ears):

autofull pink and white gaming chair in kawaii design with white armrests and a sturdy 5-star metal base
AutoFull chair is incredible in every way. The backrest follows the natural curvature of your spine, making it both ergonomic and comfy.

This is the chair that surprised me the most. It might look pinky and girly, but is has as thorough ergonomic design as many of the high-end office chairs.

Not to mention the quality materials the AutoFull is made out of.

The use of high-quality materials does push the price of this pink chair up; however, this does make the AutoFull one of the best gaming chairs on the planet.

If you check out the list of the cutest pink gaming chairs, you’ll notice that the AutoFull takes the 1st place, thanks to a sturdy built and the amazing Kawaii design.

Here is one thorough review of the AutoFull pink chair (notice the installation time and office-compatibility):

autofull pink chair review that tells us how many minutes does it take to install it and that it can also be used as an office chair

The AutoFull is primarily a pro gaming chair. However, you can also use it as an office chair; the flashing pink color and bunny ears would invigorate even the most boring office.

All in all, it’s surprising that the AutoFull doesn’t take the 1st place on the list of the best gaming chairs. Some people (especially guys) prefer colors like black, blue, even red, but don’t really go for pink (guys, if you need a blue AutoFull chair, you can check out AutoFull Warrior review).

Let’s look at the other pros and cons of the AutoFull pink gaming chair:

Top-notch materials: Integrated metal frame, SGS4 spring, premium PU leather, sturdy casters.

Ergonomic like $500+ office chairs. The backrest follows the natural curvature of your spine.

Amazing Kawaii design with sakura base.

International Pro Leagues such as LPL, MDI and WCA.

It’s pink and it has bunny ears!

It’s pink and it has bunny ears! (some guys hate that because, you know, it might endanger their toughness or whatever).

A bit tricky installation process that might take up to 30 minutes.

Buy AutoFull Pink Here

4. DESINO Cheap Gaming Chair (The Best Gaming Chair Under $100)

People who’re looking for high quality and durable gaming chairs that cost less than $100 have another thing coming. The cost of higher quality materials like an integrated steel frame, premium PU leather, and some fine ass casters will proper the cost of the gaming chair north of $100.

Here is the story enters DESINO. Here are two surprising facts about the DESINO gaming chair:

  1. It does cost less than $100.
  2. It did end up on a list of top racing gaming chairs.

How is that possible? Surely a $100 gaming chair like DESINO can’t compete with $200 and $300 chairs made out of high-quality materials and with a list of extra features, right?

That’s not entirely true. The secret to why DESINO gaming chair is so beloved by gamers on the budget is in this; the chair comes with pretty much every basic setting other more expensive chairs come with, is built with sturdy materials and (to save costs, of course) it doesn’t have some extra features like 4D armrests, footrests or extremely deep padding.

Here is how the chair that has all the basic components covered (at half of the price of pretty much every other gaming chair on the list) looks like:

desino red gaming chair that costs less than $100 making it the best cheap gaming chair in the world
DESINO is the best gaming chair under $100. It has all the important components covered but (to save costs) it doesn’t have extra features.

You can see that the DESINO chair is well built. The heavy-duty steel brings the total weight capacity up to standard 300 lbs.

The upholstery is ‘high quality’ PU leather. I mean, if you made a gaming chair for less than $100, you have to cut corners somewhere are this PU leather might be a bit higher quality but it is also a bit thin.

The high-density raw cotton is also nice to have, BUT you want to have plenty of it to make the chair comfortable. Or even better, you want to have the raw cotton padding positioned in such a way to follow to the natural curvature of your spine and made the chair ergonomic with the smart use of it.

Unfortunately, the DESINO chair, despite being well built, is not the most comfortable nor the most ergonomic chair in the world. That’s honestly the biggest drawback with this otherwise very functional and, above all, cheap gaming chair.

Let’s run the pros and cons, shall we?

Very good materials for such a cheap chair.

Simple and cool basic design (red and black combination).

Best gaming chair under $100.

Not the most comfortable or ergonomic chair.

Lacks some fancy features.

Not as durable as other $100+ chairs (obviously).


5. Cougar Armor Titan Gaming Chair Review (Top-Notch Durable Chair)

You can deduce that this is one badass chair just from its nickname “The Titan”. Cougar Armor is a well-established European gaming chair company known for chairs like Cougar Armor One and Cougar Armor S Luxury. The top of the line chair from Cougar Armor is called, you guessed it, “The Titan” for a reason.

For one, it’s quite massive. It can support more than 350 lbs (that’s about 160 kg, just stating this because European companies use the metric system). More than appropriate for big and tall guys.

It is made out of steel. Gaming chairs with incorporated steel are known for their durability and providing strong back support. However, what usually goes first is the upholstery. The Cougar Armor Titan uses a thick version of PU leather that is incredibly durable and looks pretty badass:

cougar armor titan big gaming chair in black leather
Cougar Armor Titan is a premium chair made out of steel and badass PVC leather (you can get one in black or one in orange leather).

The really impressive thing about the Cougar chair is its seat width. Ordinarily, gaming chairs have a seat width of about 20 inches; big guys sure don’t find them very comfortable. The Cougar Titan has a 23.5-inch wide seat. That makes for one comfy gaming chair.

Currently, it has an amazing 4.5+ rating on Amazon and the reviewers absolutely adore the Titan. Here is one Cougar Armor Titan chair reviewer who goes quite into details of why this is the best gaming chair on the planet:

cougar armor titan review of the gaming chair she points out that easy installation of the gaming chair is helpful

Given the top-notch use of durable materials such as steel and PVC leather, combines with the explosion-proof gas piston and an amazing 4D armrests, the cost of the Cougar Armor chair is higher than for most of the racing gaming chairs on the list.

Nonetheless, its sheer size and excellent durability make “The Titan” one of the best gaming chairs money can buy.

Here is a summary of pros and cons for Cougar Armor Titan chair:

One of the most durable racing chairs.

Sturdy design with steel and PVC leather.

Pretty much every reviewer absolute loves The Titan.

Amazing 4D armrests.

Not appropriate for small guys.

Does cost $300+.

Buy The Titan Here

6. Arozzi Verona V2 Advanced Italian Gaming Chair (Viva L’Italia)

Italians had always had a good taste for design; their sports cars like Ferrari and Lamborgini are a great testament to that. Of course, when they’ve decided to design gaming chairs, that spirit of Italian design was ingrained into the chair; and, voila!, the Arrozi Verona V2 chair was born.

The Arozzi Verona has a lightweight and minimalistic design with supple PU leather upholstery. For thorough weight support, it uses a metal frame throughout the gaming chair.

To make the V2 chair comfortable it uses the high-density foam which is quite responsive to movement. Together with the double lumbar and high-back support, it makes the Arrozzi Verona V2 chair fairly ergonomic:

Arozzi Verona V2 gaming chair review
Arozzi Verona V2 chair represents the famous Italian design and is built to be both comfortable and ergonomic.

The V2 chair is a true testament how to incorporate a balance between a comfortable and ergonomic gaming chair while at the same time keeping the design simple. Usually, we see comfortable gaming chairs with an absurd amount of padding and ergonomic chair with an absurd amount of moving adjustable parts.

This Italian chair manages to encapsulate the gamer while also providing him or her with extra features such as 180-degree recline and rocking function.

Here are the pros and cons of the Arozzi Verona chair:

Very good comfortability/ergonomic balance.

Minimalistic Italian design.

180-degree recline function for comfy naps.

Not as expensive as premium racing chairs.

It is (and feels) a bit lightweight. Not for heavy people.

Overall, it is not the most comfortable gaming chair on the list.

Buy Arozzi Verona V2 Here

7. HEALGEN Back Massage Gaming Chair with Footrest (One Of The Most Comfortable Gaming Chairs)

The HEALGEN is one of the most wholesome gaming chairs, especially when it comes to how comfortable it feels. Cheap gaming chairs which are wannabe comfortable usually include some high-back pillow and small lumbar support.

Not HEALGEN gaming chair. This is a seriously comfortable gaming chair because pretty much every part of it is designed to snug you neatly in it. It has:

  1. Back massage function. Yeah, not the lumbar one, but a really middle-back massage (powered by a simple USB plug).
  2. Thick padding on the seat. That’s where the ample padding is usually most needed.
  3. Footrest + reclining function. This enables you to even nap in the chair, with your legs lifted up.
  4. Thicker than the usual frame that appropriately supports your weight from all sides.

It is nice to have a comfortable chair. However, this is even more important when picking out a gaming chair you’ll use for long-hour gaming and HEALGEN is just the chair to deliver the right amount of comfy.

Where it leaves all other racing chairs behind is its unique massage function. It is designed to massage a larger portion of your back; here is how you can set it up:

HEALGEN gaming chair with massage function
HEALGEN is a wholesome and comfortable chair. It comes with an unmatched large back massage function.

I don’t have to point out that HEALGEN gaming chair has a reclining option (down to the 155-degree angle) and the full 360-degree swivel rotation; that’s pretty much the industry standard as far as racing gaming chairs go.

People are pretty psyched by how comfortable the HEALGEN chair is for gaming (and for watching movies, apparently):

healgen gaming chair reviewer says this is the most comfortable gaming chair

Where HEALGEN chair exceeds expectations is its sturdy built (needed to ensure the comfortability and max. capacity up to 350 lbs). It has an integrated metal frame and is covered with PVC upholstery (easier to clean, more resistible to tears).

The base is heavy duty with 5 smooth-rolling casters. The casters are made out of polyurethane, not rubber (which would be better). Here are pros and cons of the HEALGEN chair and as you’ll see pretty much the only drawback are those damn low-grade casters:

The most comfortable gaming chair under $200.

Sturdy design with 350 lbs max. weight capacity.

Extraordinary massage feature (USB enabled).

Surprisingly on budget for such a great chair

Casters are made out of PU. Rubber would be better.


8. E-WIN Big And Tall 400 LBS Gaming Chair (That I Should Hate, But Don’t)

Look, don’t get me started on E-WIN. I despise them almost as much as EA Sports and, honestly, they truly deserve it. I mean, the very description for the E-WIN chair starts with “Suitable for fat guy”. Well, f*ck you too!

Ok, all the prejudice aside, the 400 lbs E-WIN gaming chair does deserve to be called on of the best gaming chairs. I so much pains me to say this, I hate the company but I still put their chair on the list because it’s just so great.

I guess the “geniuses” there at E-WIN figured it would be a good idea to take a computer gaming chair and a comfy car seat and combine the two into an E-WIN gaming chair. It saddens me to say so, but it worked like a charm.

ewin gaming chair that is by far best thing that ewin ever launched
E-WIN gaming chair is the best thing that E-WIN ever launched.

Arguably the best part of the E-WIN chair is the backrest. Do you see those blue squares on the backrest? These are designed to dissipate heat from your back and make the backrest both cooler and more comfortable.

The sitting area is 21.7 inches wide which is more than most of us need. The adjustable armrests, on the other hand, made the E-WIN chair somewhat customizable.

They really put some effort into the installation process: all the parts are pre-installed and E-WIN even created an installation video so you can be sure you’ll be able to put the whole chair together in less than 30 minutes.

The built materials are top-notch as well. The integrated metal frame comes with the Class 4 gas spring (better than Class 3 which is what most chairs have) and the casters are easy to roll your gaming chair around.

Despite E-WIN being notorious for harsh pricing, they haven’t taken this part with their gaming chair. It’s priced at less than $200 which is quite a funny figure for such an overwhelmingly great chair.

Design: mixture of computer chair and cosy racing car seat.

Superb backrest with heat dissipation cells.

Top-notch materials; Class 4 spring, integrated metal frame.

Pretty much best thing released by E-WIN.

Made by E-WIN (which I personally hate).

Not suitable for small guys.

Buy E-WIN Chair Here

9. Vertagear SL2000 TSM Original Gaming Chair (State-Of-The-Art Sleek Design)

If you’re a gamer and have done your research about the best gaming chairs, you must’ve stumbled on the Vertagear SL2000 chair. This is the iconic Vertagear chair that introduced the “slide-in” design for a quick gaming chair assembly process.

The purple edition is the SL2000 has scored the #1 on the list of best purple gaming chairs.

The Vertagear chairs are known for their use of superior materials; for example, the upholstery is PVC leather (not the PU leather). To create that most satisfying comfortable feeling, the Vertagear SL2000 uses the ultra-premium resilience foam (the high-density sort, not the cheap low density or medium density one).

In the end, it really matters how the chair looks and you can judge from the photo below is the Vertagear SL2000 is really the coolest looking gaming chair ever:

black and white vertagear sl 2000 chair for gaming that has a unique and sleek design but is expensive
The Vertagear SL2000 is ultra-thin and light with a cool modern design.

The secret of why it looks so sleek is because it’s ultra-thin. Normally, ultra-thin would mean less stable at best and a complete disaster at worst.

However, the Vertagear uses the premium high-density resilience foam and a superior steel frame precisely to make an ultra-thin but super stable gaming chair.

You can read more about the evolution of Vertagear gaming chairs here.

To even add to the comfortability, you get extra lumbar and high-back support pillows. These do make the Vertagear SL2000 chair a bit thicker (less sleek) but more comfortable. You can choose to add those or use this premium chair without them; it’s really sleek vs. comfortability compromise here.

It’s really difficult to include all the pros of the Vertagear SL2000 chair here, but lets give it a try:

Made by Vertagear, a company known for it’s proficiency in gaming chairs design.

Look sleek as f*ck.

Premium PVC leather upholstery and steel frame.

Premium high density resiliance foam for ultimate comfort.

Extra lumbar and high-back pillows are included in the package.

Easy “slide in” installation.

Premium brand = Premium price.

Buy Vertagear SL2000 Here

10. DXRacer Tank Series Gaming Chair Review (Biggest Gaming Chair On The Planet!)

If you’re looking for a gaming chair for big and tall guys, and what you really want is a goddamn TANK, the DXRacer has you covered. We are, of course, talking about the one and only DXRacer Tank Series DOH/TS29/N model chair.

If you’re the kind of guy who smiles at Tinder profiles that say “Must be at least 6 ft tall” because you know she’ll love how tall you are, this is exactly the chair you’ve been yearning for. Here are just a few humongous specifications of the grand Tank gaming chair:

  • The Tank weighs 65+ lbs.
  • Designed for 6’6” tall guys who can weigh up to 450 pounds (no, it’s not a mistake, sumo wrestlers can feel comfortable in this gaming chair).
  • Has 3-inch casters (not the 2.5-inch ones, mind you).
  • Multi-directional 4D adjustable arms to settle your big arms on.
  • It’s 55-inches tall. More than any other gaming chair on the planet (plenty of leg space).

I’m just ecstatic about how ginormous the DXRACER tank is. For everybody who is big enough to sit it, here is your future throne:

tank series is one of the biggest gaming chair made by dxracer
DXRacer Tank feels and looks like a freaking TANK!

Even ‘The Mountain’ from Game of Thrones could feel comfortable when sitting in such a chair. If you’re a big guy, especially if you weigh over 300 pounds and are looking for a gaming chair, you know how uncomfortable and unstable the normal-sized gaming chairs can feel. They feel like they’re gonna break with your every move.

The enormous 450 lbs capacity gives you the pleasure to sit the Tank quite comfortably. The DXRacer made sure of that by using the most heavy-duty parts you’ll find in any gaming chair.

These include the strongest (and light) aluminum base and a heavy-duty T-tilt mechanism that will be able to shift your weight around without a problem.

The Tank Series chair is a must-have for all the biggest gamers around. Let’s finish this will some pros and cons:

The biggest gaming chair on the planet – it’s the freaking TANK!

Heavy-duty everything – base, T-tilt mechanism, steel frame, even full 3” casters.

Heavy (65+ pounds) and reliable.

Perfect for 6’4”+ guys who can’t find a comfortable chair.

Doesn’t have that monster price tag that so many big and tall gaming chairs have.

Obviously not for guys under 6 feet or under 200 pounds (you won’t fit).

Buy The TANK Here

11. Most Comfortable KILLABEE Gaming Chair (The 8272 Model)

You’ve probably heard of KILLABEE gaming chairs before if you’ve done at least some research into the most popular gaming chairs. Out of 10+ KILLABEE gaming chairs on the market, the 8272 model is famous for being the most comfortable KILLABEE gaming chair and as such deserves such a great place on this list.

A lot has been said about how to best design the most comfortable gaming chairs and the new 8272 KILLABEE just took all those comfy advice and integrated it in this 2019 upgraded version of the 8272 KILLABE gaming chair.

Here’s what this KILLABEE chair was designed to hug every curve of your body:

  • It has a soft flat seat without any crimping.
  • The seat itself is wider (21’3”) and the backrest is broader (20’5”) than what the normal KILLABEE chairs have.
  • Built-in adjustable lumbar support. Yes, not a single movable cushion – the whole lumbar support can be adjusted by turning the adjustment knob.
  • Everything (really) is adjustable; adjust it once and you have ensured stability due to heavy-duty material use.

Can we talk about leather? It is PU leather, made no mistake, but it’s that high-end variety that feels natural. And underneath that fine upholstery, you’ll find cold cure foam; it’s a molded foam that holds its shape for the entire lifetime of the foam.

The whole upholstery is legendary and badass:

killabee 8272 is the most comfortable killabee gaming chair with armrests
The 8272 model is the most comfortable KILLABEE gaming chair.

This KILLABEE gaming chair is especially useful for gamers who love comfort but don’t really want to grow that “computer hunch” down the line. You know the hunch I’m talking about? That’s that nerdy curvature of the spine that gets noticed from miles away.

The whole point of the advanced KILLABEE adjustable lumbar support is that you set it up to perfectly fit your natural back curvature. The cold cure foam will hold its shape and the whole gaming chair will support your spine in the most optimized way possible.

The added value of KILLABEE is that they make great chair at a very affordable price. If you’re lucky, you can snatch the new 2019 upgraded 8272 model for less than $200.

Most comfortable KILLABEE chair you’ll ever sit on.

Broad seat, broad backrest and everything is adjustable.

Sick looking PU leather upholstery with cold cure foam underneath.

+ That pleasant affordable KILLABEE pricing for great chairs.

Might not be perfectly stable for bigger guys.

Not for guys over 300 pounds.

Buy The 8272 KILLABEE Here

12. Devoko Racing Style Gaming Chair Review (The Pioneer Model)

If ever there was a racing gaming chair from top to bottom, it would be called “Devoko Pioneer”. This is a racing gaming chair is every way; it has those flashy blue color and is designed for performance and frantic gaming experience.

That’s not to say that there is nothing special about the Devoko racing style gaming chair; there is!

Apart from being a complete racing chair, the Devoko features that sought after diamond-shaped cross pattern design. This makes it a lot more breathable than an average gaming chair; it prevents you from sticking to the chair after 8 hour Kitty Island Adventure marathon.

Joking aside, everything that a racing chair should have – such as lumbar support, high back support, 360-degree swivel, smooth casters – the Devoko gaming chair has. It’s marvelously well put together for such a simple chair:

devoko racing gaming chair review with pros and cons
Devoko is a racing chair in a true meaning of the word.

While a normal racing chair has 300 lbs capacity, the Devoko adds 10% to that featuring 330 lbs maximum weight capacity. That’s just a testimony of how well built it is compared to an average racing chair.

This is a great gaming chair for everybody who’s not into those fancy features and soft-leather. Devoko is a hardcore and durable gaming chair that will not leave your wallet empty.

If you’re looking for a very decent chair that won’t cost more than $150, the Devoko is definitely a smart choice:

Everything you ever wanted from a basic gaming chair.

330 lbs maximum weight capacity.

Diamond-shaped PU leather that enabled better breathing (not sticking to your chair).

Great gaming chair for less than $150.

Can have stability issues.

Is quite average in every way (leaves a bit to be desired).

Buy The Devoko Here

13. BOSSIN Gaming Chair Review (Cheap And Comfortable Alternative)

The BOSSIN gaming chair is the best for the end-level gaming when you meet the boss and have to fight him!

Ok, joking aside, the BOSSIN chair is basically all the comfy parts dumbed down and distilled in a cushy gaming chair that everybody can afford.

The $1000+ Herman Miller chairs are designed with minuscule attention to details as far as comfortability goes. The BOSSIN, on the other hand, goes for that true-and-tried method to create a comfortable gaming chair – just do a lot and a lot of cushioning. And it does all the comfy cushioning for less than $150.

Here is the list of deep padding your ass, arms, back and head will love:

  • Thorough cushioning of the backrest.
  • Cushioned armrests.
  • Double lumbar + high-back cushion for support.
  • Thick (and wide) gaming chair seat.
  • + Neatly cushioned leg rest.

This is how all this cushioning looks when integrated with the BOSSIN gaming chair:

bossin is a most comfortable cheap gaming chair on the market
BOSSIN gaming chair brings forth comfortability features by employing, you’ve guessed it, big and thick paddings all around.

Even from the photo itself, you can see all the comforts that the BOSSIN chair has to offer. What is important to know is that this is a comfortable seat but if you’re looking for superb ergonomic features – well, this is not that kind of chair. Those usually cost $500+.

For the complete design, the BOSSIN chair features standard built materials like PU leather, steel frame, Class 3 SGS lift and is altogether capable of supporting 300 lbs (but not more).

If you’re looking for a cushy budget gaming chair, the BOSSIN will give all the cushioning you need for less than $150:

Most cushy gaming chair with extra-thick cushioning everywhere.

Has a neatly packed leg rest under the seat.

Thick and wide seat.

Costs less than $150.

Materials are not superb.

Not as ergonomic as $500+ chairs (obviously).


14. Nokaxus Gaming Chair Review (The Big YK-6008 One With Thiccccc Seat)

I bet you’ve never taken a pic of gaming chair, posted it on Instagram with a #thicc hashtag. Well, if you would be showing off your new Nokaxus gaming chair, the #thicc is exactly the right hashtag to use.

If you bulldozer over great features like lumbar massage and badass design, we come directly to the best feature of the Nokaxus gaming chair:

That big and thick gaming seat. That’s right, I do care how comfy my buttocks feel, and everybody would love some extra cushioning right there where it matters the most.

The Nokaxus is the first in the line of gaming chairs that went into thickening of the gaming seat, and gamers love just above every inch of that big fat thick … seat! I mean, it’s whole 30% thicker than pretty much any seat you’ll find. Even the $1,000 Herman Miller doesn’t offer you such a cushy ass pleasure.

Here’s how Nokaxus chair looks like (notice the thickness of the seat):

nokaxus chair for gaming in red with lumbar massage and retractable footrest
Nokaxus gaming chair and it’s notoriously #thicc comfy ass seat.

Of course, the Nokaxus is not all about that seat cushion. This is a sturdy and performance-driven racing chair in itself. It includes the adjustable waist pillow, retractable footrest and, wait for it, a USB-powered massage pillow. You can read all about it in the in-depth review of Nokaxus gaming chair here.

I’m just concerned now that with the footrest, cushy seat and some nice massage some gamers won’t be able to move out of the chair even after a gaming session. It’s just so comfortable you won’t need to rest your ass on a couch anymore.

The Nokaxus is most appropriate for larger gamers. With 350 lbs maximum capacity and 57-pound total weight, this is quite a big chair. All that weight comes from a thickened steel frame that gives the chair it’s sturdiness.

Here is the quick run-through of the pros and cons, you can check the full Nokaxus review using the link above:

#thiccgamingchair because of the +30% thicker chair seat.

Comfortable in every way: thick seat, legrest, recline function, massage pillow.

For bigger gamers (350 lbs maximum capacity).

Affordable cost (below $200).

It has Class 3 SGS lift (not Class 4).

Some reviewers don’t find is thaaaat comfortable.

Buy The Nokaxus Here

15. UOMAX Gaming Chair With LED Lights (Thin Star-Trek-Like Futuristic Chair)

UOMAX is one of the most revolutionary gaming chairs that came out in the 2019-2020 gaming chair season. Your average gaming chair will count on “thick and sturdy” features. Not the new UOMAX chair.

The new trend 2020 gaming chairs will most definitely be “thin and elegant” and UOMAX is already ahead of the curve riding the new revolutionary wave.

It has a sleek futuristic design that only gets even more cutting-edge when you turn on the LED lights. Yeah, it has freaking LED lights incorporated into the body of the gaming chair.

Before we go into how it is even possible to create both comfortable and ergonomic chair while keeping is so thin, let’s just have a look at how the new gaming chairs in 2020 will look like. This is the UOMAX with green LED lights turned on:

gaming chair with LED lights by nokaxus with a sleek modern futuristic design
The design of Nokaxus gaming chair is already so 2020 and ahead of the curve.

So how did UOMAX managed to create one of the most impressive looking gaming chairs of the future without using heavy-duty materials?

By choosing smart built materials, that’s how. Let’s take the PU leather upholstery; it’s not the normal kind that counts on thickness to make it tear-resistible. The UOMAX uses finer strand PU leather that can be thin but very tear-resistance, durable and is even water and stain-resistance, because of the finer strands.

The backrest is also not thick and suffocating. The UOMAX gaming chair has a mesh back panel that allows the air to easily escape and cools you down.

Another thing is a standardly very heavy five-star base. The UOMAX base is made out of nylon – an incredibly strong and lightweight materials – that is admittedly a bit more fragile as far as powerful kicks to the chair are concerned (Hint: Don’t kick your brand new UOMAX chair around, dude!).

This all amounts to a futuristic-looking comfortable gaming chair that is enough sturdy to have a maximum capacity of 250 pounds.

Of course, the most badass thing about the UOMAX are the LED lights. Currently, you can get it with 3 LED light colors: Green, Red, and Blue.

I just can’t express how far in the future this chair is. It’s freaking awesome, looks like something from Star Trek movies.

It’s so incredible it deserves its own in-depth review – and I’ve actually written one lengthy UOMAX gaming chair review here. If you’re in for the quick pros and cons summary, here it is:

Most futuristic and sleek design ever! This is a 2020 gaming chair.

Flashy back with blue, red or green LED lights.

Very thin but sturdy due to smart use of materials (nylon, mesh).

Despite looking futuristic, it’s very comfortable.

Doesn’t come with crazy $500+ price tag like all-new graphic cards (it’s actually affordable).

Nylon base is strong but not as kick-resistant as steel or aluminium.

Has a 250 lbs maximum weight capacity.

Buy The UOMAX Here

16. RESPAWN 900 Gaming Chair Review (Finally A Chair With Cupholder!)

Do you even phantom how hard it is to find a semi-decent gaming chair with a cupholder? I’ve written a post about my frustration with cupholder chairs a while ago and came to a conclusion there is no such chair out there.

With the RESPAWN 900, now there is 1!

A cupholder is all I could ever wish for in a gaming chair and yet the RESPAWN 900 has so much more to offer.

For starters, it’s a RESPAWN chair. This is an American company with a superb reputation; they even provide gaming chairs to NACE and HSEL who help high school and college kids fulfill their gaming potential. Not to mention the caliber for the gaming teams they support; people blasting Fortnite Competitive Season used RESPAWN chairs.

Now, the real eye-catcher is the uniquely designed footrest. You know those extendable gaming chair footrests are are kind of ok? Well, the RESPAWN 900 doesn’t have one of those. Instead, it has one of these neatly prolonged and all-in-one footrests:

respawn 900 gaming chair comes with a cupholder and has a uniquely shaped footrest
RESPAWN 900 is a wonder! It comes Gatorade-ready with a cupholder and has a uniquely designed and comfortable footrest.

I really can’t decide if I’m more excited about finally finding a gaming chair that has a cupholder, or about this footrest. I just love that RESPAWN 900 model has both of these features to offer.

The chair is very well built as well; having a pedestal, the RESPAWN was very careful about balancing the chair just right for maximum performance.

Of course, with the cupholder and impressive footrest, one way of looking at the RESPAWN 900 is as a comfortable Gatorade ready relaxing gaming chair, right?

However, on the other hand, this is a gaming chair that PROs use to win Fortnite championships. It might look comfortable, it is comfortable, but it was designed will a single purpose in mind: performance-enhancing!

Every part of the chair, from the backrest to the armrests and the gaming angle was designed to support long-hour gaming sessions and provide gaming champs with easy maneuverability and gaming durability.

You got to give it to RESPAWN; with the 900 model they’ve really created a superior gaming chair with unheard-of extra features that will work with you to enhance your gaming skills.

It’s RESPAWN; all RESPAWN chairs are top-notch.

Has a cupholder! Finally a Gatorade-ready chair.

Unique footrest design.

RESPAWN supports high schools and colleges; go gamers!

Most importantly, focused on enhancing your gaming skills with every part of the chair.

Not the cheapest gaming chair on the planet.

Has a 275 lbs maximum weight capacity.

Buy The RESPAWN 900 Here

17. GTRACING Classic Racing Chair (Tried-And-Tested Original Chair)

The GTRACING is one of the most well-known gaming chairs in, well, history of gaming chairs. It represents the original racing chair design and as such provided a platform that majority of the newest gaming chairs are built on.

Obviously, is one of the most recognized and top-selling gaming chairs today. The GTRACING is a tried-and-tested classic racing chair. That counts for quite a bit when it comes to this kind of chair. For example, it has more than 1500 review and 300+ answered questions of Amazon.

Being one of “the classics” doesn’t mean the GTRACING chair is old and stale. Quite the contrary; all while the new gaming chair designs are being presented and marketed fiercely, the GTRACING gaming chair still remains one of the best-selling ones and the one gamers turn to when they really need a reliable and tested chair for gaming.

If you would look up ‘racing gaming chair’ in a dictionary, the GTRACING would be right there waiting for you as one of “the classics”:

gtracing is an old school gaming chair that is both battle tested and durable
GTRACING is one of the favorite original racing gaming chairs that just keeps on giving.

Does it have anything breathtaking features? Not really. But what it does have, has been tried and tested thousand times over and it turns out that pretty much every part of this chair works as it should.

You have the strong metal frame that prompts you up into that comfortable gaming position. The padding is thick and provides an additional layer of comfort and works well together with the armrest and height-adjustable seat.

The GTRACING is also one of the chairs that set the standard for racing chairs; you know the reclining and rocking functions, and the 360-degree swivel? Yeah, that’s how “the classics” are designed.

The built materials are often times sturdier and more durable than what you can expect with the modern 2019 and 2020 versions of gaming chairs. Nothing fancy; the upholstery is PU leather, you get a lumbar and headrest pillow and the 5-star base is the good old’ heavy-duty materials that drive the maximum weight capacity right up to 300 lbs.

All in all, the GTRACING as one of “the classics” is nothing fancy but it is a thousand times tried-and-tested chair that will serve you for a long time:

Classic racing gaming chair.

Tried and tested with over 1500 Amazon reviews and 300+ answered questions.

Sturdy design with 300 lbs maximum weight capacity.

Costs less than $150.

A bit old design, nothing fancy really.

It’s heavier but not all that more stable.

Buy The GTRACING Chair Here

18. KILLABEE Vs. VON RACER 400 LBS Gaming Chair (Which Is It?)

I’m going to give you a little review of a quite well-known KILLABEE big and tall 400 lbs gaming chair. However, it seems like this comfy beast of a chair is now owned by the VON RACER company.

That’s quite funny. VON RACER seems to be buying some of the best gaming chairs. It just gives you a bit of insight into, well, mergers and acquisitions in the gaming chair industry. I imagine buying gaming chairs will be a new fashion for gaming companies in 2020.

Regardless of who owns the rights to the chair, this KILLABEE 8257 model (or VON RACER, can’t decide how to call it now) gaming chair is one that regularly appears in the list of the best gaming chairs for big and tall guys. I should know; we made a list of the biggest gaming chairs on the planet and the KILLABEE chair earned a spot there as well.

To summarize what I said in the KILLABEE big and tall gaming chair review, this chair has two distinct characteristics:

  1. It’s big. It is. It has 400 lbs max. capacity which is at least 100 pounds more than most of the other chairs have.
  2. It’s crazy comfy. Because, well, it is. Just look at all the thick padding that the KILLABEE VON RACER chair is known for.

Here is how it looks like:

killabee big and tall gaming chair that is now sold by von racer
KILLABEE (VON RACER) chair is a big ass comfy chair. It provides high back and lumbar support and has a comfy ass cushion for your bottom.

For all the guys who are 6+ feet and 200+ pounds, let’s just cover how very big the 8257 model is:

  • It has wiiiiide 33.5-inch backrest. Even if you can bench more than 200 pounds and have broad shoulders, you won’t feel uncomfortable sitting on this gaming chair.
  • Comfy ass cushion is a plus! If you look at the photo, you can see that the seat cushion closely resembled Thanos’s beard. Everything that resembled that violet beard pattern is extremely cozy.
  • It has a steel frame and a heavy-duty metal gaming chair base. That’s absolutely necessary if you want to reach that 400 lbs max. capacity.
What I really love about the KILLABEE big and tall chair is that it’s both comfy and big; and that it’s made out of heavy-duty materials that support so much weight while still keeping you have in your gaming seat.

KILLABEE has always been very cool about their pricing; currently, the price of this chair is below $250. I just hope that the price won’t spike now when the VON RACER acquired this chair and will probably make it one of their flagship models.

Both big and comfortable; that’s quite nice.

Every part is adjustable – you can customize it for extra comfort.

Heavy-duty built materials to support 400 lbs max. capacity.

Very affordable for such a big chair.

Changed from KILLABEE to VON RACER – the price will probably spike.

Not really appropriate for guys below 6′.

Buy KILLABEE 400 lbs Here

19. Merax Racing Gaming Chair (One Of The Most Popular Gaming Chairs With “Amazon’s Choice”)

No list of the best gaming chairs is complete without the Merax gaming chair. Similar to the GTRACING chair, Merax is one of “the classics” when it comes to racing gaming chairs.

That means it’s been around for a while and is tried-and-tested. It has such a great record that Amazon awarded it with the “Amazon’s Choice” badge which is a no small feat for a racing gaming chair.

So what makes the Merax racing chair so popular? It has everything a good gaming chair needs without the (sometimes) redundant funky features. Just one look at it and you can see that it’s pretty standard and solid:

materials that merax chair is made out of
6 points that spell out the basic features any half-decent racing gaming chair will have.

If you check out the padding, you’ll realize why the reviewers are often praising it as a fairly comfortable chair. The backside is designed to follow the curvature of the spine with the help of 2 support pillows:

  • Lumbar support. The lower one.
  • High back support. The upper one.

It does take some customizing as far as the Merax chair height is concerned and you’ll probably have to move the armrests a bit, but when you’ve installed it right, you’ll see can be as comfortable as a couch.

The upholstery is a standard PU leather and the padding underneath is a bit thicker (albeit not really high-density like with premium chairs). It offers tilt function, is a 360-degree swivel chair and is built to last … if you’re below 250 lbs.

The one problem Merax has is that it really isn’t for heavy and tall guys. Here is a summary of pros and cons of Merax racing chair:

Has a great track record, with ‘Amazon’s Choice’ badge.

Is comfortable and functional.

Costs less than $200.

Has only 250 lbs max. capacity.

Can be seen by teenagers as a bit of an old-school chair.

Buy MERAX Here

7 Best Top-Tier Gaming Chairs (PROs Chairs Which Are Performance-Driven And Comfortable)

Let’s face it; teenagers find racing chairs with flashy colors, low price (because, you know, they’re often made in China) and thicker padding cool. We’ve all been there with $100 in your pocket looking for a gaming chair.

However, the really remarkable gaming chairs – the ones PROs use anyway – are not crazy flashy and don’t look (and feel) cheap. These are usually the gaming chairs us guys in 20s or 30s get because we know a thing or two about the importance of ergonomics and style.

No teenager ever gave one thought about the health of their back; it’s all about KD ratios and headshots. Nonetheless, having an ergonomic gaming chair that won’t break your back is obviously of extreme importance.

I mean, I play for more than 4h every day and until I started sitting on my current gaming chair (newsflash: It’s the noblechairs ICON, of course), I had issues with some light backache (and I fully knew the reason for it).

The top-tier gaming chairs are specially designed with these key metrics in mind:

  • Ergonomics. No one loves having a hutched back.
  • Durability. You don’t want to buy a $500+ gaming chair to last just one year. The top-tier chairs are properly built with steel reinforcements and sometimes even genuine leather upholstery.
  • Performance-driven. Remember, PROs use these chairs to enhance their gaming skills.
  • Fatigue-resistant. Gaming can be tough work but sitting while gaming shouldn’t exhaust you.

In order to give you an idea of how really great gaming chairs look like, we hunted down the best of them and put it together in the neat list:

(Spoiler: It’s really a megalomanic battle between Secretlabs chair and noblechairs gaming chairs.)

Target:Top Tier Chair:Cool Feature:Price, Rating, Availability:
real leather noblechairs icon chair in dark blue color with armrests and thick paddingnoblechairs ICON Real Leather Gaming Chair Real top-grain leather (it's like poetry for your back)
Great for gaming AND office work
100% best gaming chair
4.7 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
the old school 2018 secretlab titan gaming chairSecretlab Titan Series 2018 Version With Prime PU Leather Marvellous ergonomics
TITAN = Awesome
XL rubber casters
4.5 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
marvel gaming chair edition the sidiz t80 captain america editionSIDIZ T80 Marvel Avengers Top-Tier AND Ergonomic Office/Gaming Chair Inspired by Marvel's Avengers
Ultimate synchronized tilt technology
Sleek and futuristic design
4.4 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
black and yellow gt throne gaming chair with pu leather and plastic armrestsGT Throne Immersive Vibrating Gaming ChairImmersive dynamic vibrations with Tremor FX tech (feels like you're in the game)
Console compatibility (PlayStation, Xbox)
4.3 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
hero chair by noblechairs in black up leathernoblechairs HERO Gaming Chair Second-best noblechairs chair
Broad design for guys with big and broad shoulders
4.1 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
akracing premium gaming chair with 4d armrests and countoured back design AKRacing Masters Series Performance-Driven Gaming Chair Premium PU leather with +30% high-density cold cured padding
4D adjustable armrests
4.1 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
clutch chair is what pewdiepie uses for gamingClutch Chairz Throttle Series 'PewDiePie' Chair That's the official PewDiePie chair that the Swedish guy uses
Ultimate performance enhancer
3.7 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon

1. noblechairs ICON Real Leather Gaming Chair (The Best Of The Top-Tier Chairs)

Here the scoop: I’ve sat on and reviewed on more gaming chairs that I can count. I know which ones felt comfortable, which ones were ergonomic, which ones really relaxed me and kept me fresh even on those 10h+ long Sunday gaming sessions.

Of all the 100s chairs, the No. 1, the cream of the cream, the one with the cherry on top is the most outstanding gaming chair that’s currently sitting on for more than 1 year: it’s my beloved noblechairs ICON.

I’m just excited to tell you about this iconic gaming chair. I could start with the real top-grain leather that feels, well, noble, or the 55% freshly molded cold high-density foam that lies beneath the genuine leather. But it’s just a small piece of the puzzle.

The whole feeling when sitting on the noblechairs ICON is like – I’m lost for words here – It’s like sitting on your own Iron Throne of Westeros and commanding Civilization V armies.

Basically, I feel like a supreme commander of my own little world. I’m completely immersed in the World of Warcraft and I feel unstoppable even after the whole weekend of gaming.

I really have to give it to the noblechairs ICON – it was a huge part of why I wanted to even share some experience with gaming chairs. Without further adieu, here’s a glimpse peek at how the ICON looks like:

full frontal shot of the real leather noblechairs icon gaming chair
noblechairs ICON is my current gaming chair and I just can’t describe how much I love sitting on it!

It was really designed to look like the interior of sports cars. It’s like a cockpit of certainly and maneuverability I have when I’m gaming.

And it’s not all about achieving that KD ratio on booming headshots left and right. It’s about the noblest of details; for example, just look how noble the logo embroidery looks like:

close look at the genuine leather gaming chair upholstery
The logo in the genuine leather upholstery is quite exquisite.

Even the real leather upholstery (they use top-grain leather) is beautiful to behold:

leather seat of the noblechair icon gaming chair

Gaming is my world and at the center of this world is my PC and my ICON. I just can’t imagine sitting on the cheap racing gaming chairs again and feeling my backache after an hour of playing.

I’ll try to cover some features that are just a class of their own when it comes to gaming chairs design. For a more in-depth review, you should check the noblechairs ICON real leather chair review here.

The noblechairs ICON comfortability doesn’t come from a specific padding or support pillow; it’s the whole chair working in unison to provide a perfect position for your back when you’re gaming. The top grain leather and the 55% freshly molded foam play a major part in how comfortable you can seat in the ICON.

The top-notch features include the 4D armrests (it’s very important to focus your hand perfectly in FPS games), Class 4 SGS-certified lift and solid steel frame.

The superb built materials make the ICON durable and robust. I mean, I’ve been sitting on it for more than 1 year and gaming (too?) heavily and I haven’t even scratched the leather once. It’s in the same prime condition as it was on the day that it was delivered.

But, really, enough about me orgasming on the ICON, here is an example of another reviewer who bought the noblechairs ICON:

review of noblechairs icon gaming chair by a verified customer awarding it 5 stars

I can’t 100% say this is the best gaming chair on the planet because, honestly, I haven’t sat on every gaming chair ever created.

However, something tells me that if I would have to opportunity to test every chair that ever way, I would ultimately place my bottom on the noblechairs ICON and feel all the nobility and command that goes with this meticulously designed and beautiful chair.

100% best chair I ever used.

Real top-grain leather upholstery that won’t fade or scratch.

It’s beautiful to behold. The logo embroidery, nobility of leather, it’s…it’s beautiful!

The whole chair is made to be comfortable and ergonomic.

Superb materials: 4D armrests, Class 4 SGS lift, solid steel frame.

It’s a gaming throne that I wish everybody could afford.

It does cost more than $500 (obviously, real leather and nobility doesn’t come cheap).

Buy The Titan Here

2. Secretlab Titan 2018 With PU Leather (The Big New Brand On The Rise)

Secretlab company is the new cool kid on the block; on the block of gaming chair companies. They’ve really started to make an impact on the gaming industry with the introduction of what Forbes calls ‘sublime fabric comfort’ of their overall beautifully designed gaming chairs.

They are already establishing their new line of the best 2020 gaming chairs but for now their shinning flagship chair is the 2018 Secretlab Titan gaming chairs. And, believe me, the great reviews it’s getting are well deserved.

The Secretlab Titan 2018 took a bit of inspiration from racing car seats when they’ve made a blueprint for this comfortable and yet ergonomic gaming chairs.

The complete weight distribution was thought out and, as you can see from the photo below, the Titan even has some advanced lateral supports (looks like wings on the left and right side of the chair):

secretlab 2018 titan series gaming chair in black with gold logo
Secretlab chairs are the new big hit in the gaming industry. This is the 2018 edition of their flagship Titan chair.

One really advanced thing they have included (and I don’t know why every gaming chair doesn’t come with this) are the XL rubber coated casters. Having big casters is great in itself; you can move around easier.

However, the true gold here is the rubber! Every surface will love the touch of rubber casters the Secretlab Titan 2018 version includes. I really don’t know why almost every other chair (even noblechairs ICON) has PU casters.

If you look at Secretlab Titan 2018 vs. 2020 gaming chair editions, you’ll see they pretty similar, with the 2018 version saving you up to $100. It’s like with the new iPhones – when the new version is launched, it doesn’t have many upgrades, but the price is easy $200 higher compared with the old version.

Needless to say, the Secretlab is going to lead the charge in the 2020 gaming chair industry and their flagship 2018 Titan is already one of the best gaming chairs money can buy.

Secretlab company makes phenomenal chairs.

Very comfortable and ergonomic.

Prime PU leather upholstery (durable and skin-friendly).

XL rubber casters (finally some rubber!).

Hands down one of the best gaming chairs in the world.

The Secretlab Titan 2020 version is a bit better (yet comes with a price boost).

Buy The ICON Here

3. SIDIZ T80 Marvel Avengers Top-Tier AND Ergonomic Office/Gaming Chair

The SIDIZ T80 is a gaming chair for every Marvel fan who’s old enough to know the importance of superb ergonomics. The T80 model is the only top tier gaming chair with a synchronized tilt system. That’s the very thing that makes the Herman Miller office chairs so ergonomic (and allow them to boost their chair price well beyond $1000).

If you’ve ever sat on a chair with synchronized tilt, you know how futuristic and ergonomic it feels. For everybody else: the synchronized tilt system combines the seat plate and the backrest that move independently in response to natural body movements.

That’s right – the SIDIZ T80 chair moves along with you. You don’t need to customize it for this or that sitting position; the synchronized tilt mechanism moves the backrest and the seat as you move. It’s wonderful!

Here a photo of the SIDIZ T80 Captain American gaming chair with some of the key features listed (top among them is the synchronized tilt):

sidit t80 is a gaming chair with synchronized tilt mechanism and other advanced features
SIDIZ T80 is the only top-tier gaming chair with the incredible synchronized tilt technology.

With the SIDIZ T80 gaming chair, you can even adjust the intensity of the tilt mechanism; you can set the chair up to move with you with every slightest move, or crank it up to move with you only with your big moves.

The sleek design (and, of course, if you don’t choose the Captain American model – they have one in white and black as well) makes the SIDIZ chair perfect for office work as well.

Being both office AND gaming chair just gives you that 2-in-1 deal where you don’t have to buy two chairs; you can just use the budget for two chairs and buy one perfect one.

You will, of course, need a bit of an additional budget. The SIDIZ T80 is the only top-tier chair with synchronized tilt, and synchronized tilt is such an advanced ergonomic feature that it can increase the price of a chair quite a bit.

The SIDIZ T80 is a $1,000 gaming chair but if you can afford it, your back will be thankful for every penny you spent.

Synchronized tilt mechanism (it’s like Herman Miller but for gaming).

Nylon casters that every surface will feel comfortable with.

Sleek and modern design.

Gaming AND office chair; you can the 2-in-1 chair.

It’s a high-end chair with a high-end price. No cutting corners here.

Buy The SIDIZ T80 Here

4. GT Throne Immersive Vibrating Gaming Chair (Chair That Gives True Game Immersion)

You know that feeling when you’re so much into the game that you forget about the world? That’s what the GT Throne chair is all about.

If you’ve ever been to one of those movie theaters that have dynamic chairs that move and vibrate, you already have a sense of how sitting in the GT Throne feels like.

The Throne uses dynamic vibrations, connected to your gameplay, that work great for immersing your whole body (not only the mind) in the game. It’s the only one to use Tremor FX technology to achieve very physical synch between the game and your chair.

Don’t worry though; you only feel the falls or G-forces, not the literal bullets and crashes.

The whole GT Throne is covered with PVC leather and has some finely stitched in logo embroidery:

GT throne gaming chair full frontal photo of the vibrating imax gaming chair
Sitting on the vibrating GT Throne and gaming feels like watching movies in IMAX cinema.

One advantage is that it can easily serve as a console gaming chair. It can connect with your PC and laptop for all the vibrations, of course, but it can also be hooked up to Xbox or Playstation. As such it offers a whole range of gaming options along with the unheard-of immersive gaming experience.

All those vibrations are underpinned by the finest use of superb materials the GT Throne is made out of. You have the PVC leather upholstery with high-density foam underneath and additional lumbar support and headrest to really feel comfortable sitting in this roller-coaster of gaming chairs.

The base of the chair is comprised of a steel frame and supported by the 5-star aluminum base with 5 big XL casters (these measure full 3 inches, not your average 2.5 inches).

All in all, the GT Throne gaming chair is a must for everybody who really needs to be physically in the game. The real-time game processing is shooting your chair with realistic vibrations and you can really feel like you’re walking on the battlefield itself.

Vibrating chair that immerses you in the game.

Uses patented FX tech to drive the vibrations in real-time gameplay.

Can be hooked up to Xbox and Playstation.

Solidly built and durable.

The vibrations might not be as intense as some would wish.

Buy GT Throne Here

5. noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair (Choose Between Faux Leather And Real Genuine Leather)

If you’ve read my review of the #1 top-tier gaming chair – the noblechairs ICON – you know how much I love that chair. However, I have to admit I haven’t sat on the noblechairs HERO just yet because currently I own just my one and only noblechairs gaming chair.

If you look at noblechairs HERO vs. noblechairs ICON, you can see they’re quite similar in built materials and features. The main difference is the overall design.

For one, the HERO chair has a wider backrest which might be a better choice for guys who have broad shoulders. Me with my scrawny shoulders, I prefer the ICON with its slim backrest.

Here is how wide the noblechairs HERO backrest is:

noblechairs hero vs icon gaming chair with the difference being the width of the backrest
noblechairs HERO has a wider backrest than ICON chair.

The back support, as you might imagine, is fantastic. The noblechairs gaming chairs were designed in the same way as luxury car seats and offer similarly comfortable and, above all, an ergonomic place to sit.

The noblechairs ICON has the 4D armrests for increased shooting accuracy and the steel framework that supports weight up to 330 pounds. The steel framework will guarantee you stability during gaming and the longevity of the chair.

The only thing that you really need to decide when buying noblechairs ICON chair for gaming is what kind of upholstery you’re going to choose. You can pick between:

  1. PU faux leather.
  2. Real leather.

Now, normally everybody would prefer the real leather upholstery (which is pleasant to the skin) but you might consider the PU faux leather purely because of the finances. The noblechairs are not cheap; they have an exquisite design and look rich.

However, if you would want to add real leather, you’re looking at more than $200 boost in price. The real leather is more durable and if you’re buying a gaming chair that will last for 5+ years, the real leather is an obvious choice. However, the PU leather may not be as durable but is pretty skin-friendly and, you know, you can save more than $200 by choosing it.

That noblechairs nobility comes with the gaming chair.

Broader design than the ICON for guys with big and broad shoulders.

4D armrests for increased shooting accuracy and steel frame for gaming stability.

You have the option to add real leather upholstery.

Real leather does cost $200+ more than normal PU faux leather.

Buy The HERO Here

6. AKRacing Masters Series Gaming Chair (It’s All About Gaming Performance Enhancement)

Some guys buy top-tier gaming chairs to sit comfortably while gaming; others just want to enhance their skill and lift that KD ratio. For the latter group, the AKRacing Masters Series chair is a perfect way to become better at gaming.

The PROs who use AKRacing chair value how comfortable and ergonomic this gaming chair is in long-hour sessions. However, the No. 1 point always goes toward how performance-driven is the chair.

The 4D armrest is a perfect example of how to increase shooting accuracy. You can customize the armrests up and down, left and right, back and forward and you can even rotate it to one or the other side.

Having a perfect position arm is invaluable when collecting those headshots and killing streaks. Even a few milliseconds of response time can mean a difference between kill or be killed.

As you can see from the photo of AKRacing Masters Series chair below, this is truly a gaming chair for PRO gamers:

gaming chair that makes you a better gamer
The lethal AKRacing Masters Series chair is designed to make you a better gamer and boost your KD ratio.

When it comes to long-term performance, you always have to look at two things chair for gaming can offer:

  1. Stability. You have to be as solid as a rock sitting on the chair to minimize the response time.
  2. Fatigue-resistant. You don’t want to start missing those headshots after 3 or 4 hours of gaming. Feeling comfortable and having ergonomic support for all of your weight gain you major points as far as keeping the KD ratio is concerned.

Of course, AKRacing went the extra mile to accommodate both stability requirements and to address fatigue.

In order to have a rock-solid chair, the AKRacing Master Series chair is made out of a metal frame. This is the backbone of a gaming chair that can hold up to 330 lbs and ensure that the chair won’t radically move (or even break) when you radically move on the chair (think unforeseen BAM! headshots).

To fight gaming fatigue, the AKRacing chair uses +30% higher density cold cure foam. This is the kind of foam that stays in its place and offers full support for the gamer’s weight. The net effect is that your weight is so well distributed all over the chair that it keeps you as fresh as humanly possible.

Because the primary focus of AKRacing chair is to make you better at gaming, it doesn’t include superior ergonomic features. That means that it doesn’t cost as much as those expensive Herman Miller chairs because performance-driven gamers really want a full focus while gaming and don’t really want to pay $1000 for a gaming chair.

Makes you focus for long hours and enhances your gaming skill.

4D armrest adjustment can give you those extra milliseconds faster response time for higher KD ratio.

+30% higher density of cure cold foam in order to keep your gaming skill high even after 3 or 4 hours of gaming.

A very affordable price (below $500).

Not as ergonomic as other $1000 office chairs.

Buy AKRacing Master Series Chair Here

7. Clutch Chairz Throttle Series ‘PewDiePie’ Chair (The Chair PewDiePie Sits On)

So many people are asking which gaming chair does PewDiePie use; this needs to be addressed.

He uses the Clutch Chairz Throttle Series chair – the one with the dark red patterns.

PewDiePie is a great gamer; the relevant question here is, of course, if he’s such a good gamer because he has the skillz or just because he has a great top-tier gaming chair.

And, obviously, we all know the answer: he just has some sick skillz!

However, it is true that he does spend quite an incredible amount of time sitting on his Clutch Chairz Throttle chair. He does find it both comfortable and ergonomic enough, plus it really has a good look with all those red patterns:

PewDiePie and his dog doing their thing on the Clutch Chairs Throttle Series seat.
PewDiePie and his dog doing their thing on the Clutch Chairs Throttle Series seat.

Does this make the PewDiePie’s chair one of the elite and top-tier chairs? Nooooot really, to be honest.

The Clutch Chairz chair is a decent one; better than all the racing chairs, obviously. But it doesn’t really stand a chance against the noblechairs or Secretlab chairs as far as built materials, comfortability and ergonomics are concerned.

Especially the price at which it sells it a bit too much if you ask me. But then again this is like a celebrity gaming chair and every celebrity thing tends to be monstrously overpriced – like Kanye West’s plain white $100+ T-shirt.

Most notable achievement: PewDiePie’s ass sits it.

Fairly comfortable for long-hour gaming.


Not really in the category of top-tier gaming chairs.

Buy The PewDiePie’s Chair Here

4 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs For Gaming (Best Overall Choice For Your Back If You Can Afford One)

Why would anybody spend more than $1,000 on a gaming chair that is not even a gaming chair (but an office chair)?

Well, for one, because 1 hour with chiropractor costs more than $100. And a chiropractor is fixing your backache that you very well know you could avoid with some small steps like keeping your posture correctly and of course by choosing a truly ergonomic office chair.

Secondly, gaming chairs might have all those 4D armrests but they can look, well, nerdy. Teenagers will adore them, obviously, but when you’re in your 30s you probably find an ergonomic office chair a bit cooler than a racing gaming chair with flashy colors.

I found this great comment on Reddit that pretty much sums it up when wondering if you should buy a gaming chair or an office chair for gaming (here’s a screenshot):

reddit review of herman miller aeron chair for gaming

While most of the gaming chairs try to enrich your gaming experience, these office chairs for gaming are only about one thing:

  1. Ergonomics.

Everybody who ever sat on the same chair for 8 hours will know that you do need to stretch from time to time. Imagine sitting on that chair for years on end.

Even gamers get that lightbulb over their heads that says:

“Maybe I really should get the best possible office chair.”

Because they’re many gamers that swear on using office chairs for gaming, we’ve made a shortlist of those truly best office chairs that can be used for safe and ergonomic gaming.

Spoiler alert: The one, and truly there is this one and usually the only one, drawback with all these extremely comfortable Herman Miller chairs is the price. Spending anything less than $1,000 on a good Herman Miller chair for gaming is a fantasy.

Target:Office Chair:Cool Feature:Price, Rating, Availability:
white aeron miller chair with synchronized tiltHerman Miller Aeron Remastered 2020 Office Chair The ultimate ergonomic office chair for gaming
Synchronized tilt powers your spinal muscles
Choose between A, B, C sizes
4.8 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
steelcase gesture chair that can be used for gaming instead of herman miller aeronSteelcase Gesture Chair Futuristic-looking alternative to Herman Miller Aeron.
Costs less than Aeron
Science of sitting corrections
4.3 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
black graphite herman miller embody chairHerman Miller Embody Chair In Black Graphite Perfect for evil geniuses
Made for ruling the world
4.3 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
cream white gates chair for comfortable gamingGates Genuine Leather Aluminum Base Focus on comfortability; with thick padding for pleasant gaming
Very affordable price point
4.1 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon

1. Herman Miller Iconic Aeron Office Chair (The Ultimate Choice of Chair Ever)

Herman Miller is a synonym for the best office chairs in the world. The best of the best of their chairs is the iconic Aeron chair that pretty much impress any CEO or business partner.

It is about the fame of the Aeron, the looks and the exquisite design, but what really matters most is how incredibly ergonomic this chair is.

More than 20 years of research into the very science of sitting went into designing the Herman Miller Aeron chair. They’re constantly updating this iconic chair because of the new and better materials, technological advances and new scientific evidence of what sitting perfectly for you back feels like.

For this new 2020 ready design they’ve contacted Don Chadwick, the original designer of Herman Miller Aeron chair, to create an incredibly ergonomic and good-looking Aeron:

aeron chair for gaming
Amazing Herman Miller Aeron chair as designed by Don Chadwick with a satin aluminum finish.

This is really another class of chairs for gaming. The features are nothing you’ve ever seen before. For example, they used 8 latitudinal zones of varying tension that envelop your back fully when sitting.

The seat suspension is the 8Z Pellicle elastomeric technology; you don’t really need to know what that means – it really all comes together when you’re sitting in the new updated Aeron chair. It feels like sitting on a cloud, really.

Herman Miller Aeron also has that highly sought after synchronized tilt function. The science of sitting will tell you that being completely still on your chair is detrimental to the blood flow and nutrient pumping action of your spinal muscles.

The cutting-edge tech tilt function enables you to move and the Aeron chair moves along with you. That’s how your spinal muscle gets more nutrients and don’t feel sore after 12-hours of gaming.

The Aeron commands quite a presence, supports your spine but it will hurt your wallet quite a lot. Nonetheless, a bad spine will kick your wallet even more, so for serious gamers and guys who sit most of their days having a Herman Miller Aeron can be invaluable in the long run.

The ultimate ergonomic chair for gaming and office.

Synchronized tilt pours nutrients into your spinal muscles and doesn’t make your sore.

Choose between A, B, C sizes, according to the size of your body.

The best chair money can buy, hands down.

You’ll need quite a lot of money to buy one.

Buy The Aeron Here

2. Steelcase Gesture Chair For Gaming (Cheaper Alternative To Herman Miller Aeron)

Even since the introduction of Herman Miller Aeron people desperately want it – but, maybe, for a little lower price.

You really have to hunt for long and go far to find something that comes close to Aeron chair; and at the end of the road, you find the Steelcase Gesture chair.

Remember that Aeron started it’s long ergonomic road about 20 years ago? Well, the Steelcase Gesture chair was inspired by the modern man and the movement of modern men in the modern workplace we find today.

It’s the same mentality behind the chair, except that the Steelcase Gesture chair has jumped over the first few stages and just went ahead to create one of the best office chairs for a 2020 office guy.

Here is a glimpse of the Steelcase chair that can be used for gaming:

steelcase gesture chair is a great alternative for herman miller aeron chair
Steelcase Gesture chair is a less expensive alternative for all gamers who can’t afford Herman Miller Aeron.
The one thing that I find more appealing with the Steelcase chair over the Aeron is the futuristic design. It really looks like something Star Trek crew would sit in when engaging the warp drive.

The Steelcase is quite formidably built; it’s quite literally a steel-case of a chair. And the graphite finish is amazing.

Of course, the important thing is that it’s not as expensive as the Herman Miller Aeron chair. You’re still looking at a price of about $1,000 which is a could of hundred bucks cheaper than the Aeron.

However, you don’t really get the bragging rights that comes with Herman Miller chairs.

Futuristic-looking alternative to Herman Miller Aeron.

Formidable steel-reinforced built.

Acknoledges and implements the science of sitting corrections.

Costs less than Aeron.

You’ll need quite a lot of money to buy one.

Buy Steelcase Gesture Chair Here

3. Embody Chair By Herman Miller (Perfect For Ruling The World + Gaming)

The whole point of the Embody chair is to encapsulate and hug all of your body in one comfortable and ergonomic cooccon.

However, just one look at it and you realize what the main purpose of the Herman Miller Embody chair is.

It’s obviously all about that evil genius who will one day rule the Earth. I cannot confirm this but I just imagine Elon Musk has one these in his office.

I mean, just look at it – the dark graphite backrest is formidable:

is herman miller embody chair appropriate for call of duty
The formidable Embody chair by Herman Miller was probably designed as a throne for an evil genius who wants to conquer the world.

Joking aside; this is a Herman Miller chair and Herman Miller never makes chairs office people wouldn’t like. The real question is why a gamer would prefer to choose the Embody chair over let’s say noblechairs ICON gaming chair.

It does have that tough of the Almighty to it which can go a long way when playing God in strategy gamers. The rhythm fabric is fantastic but really the main purpose of having the Embody chair is just to show off.

Nobody just goes pass the Herman Miller chair without noticing it and, along with the ergonomic qualities, this, I believe, is the main purpose of the chair: to crown yourself an evil genius set to conquer the world.

Ferociously looking Herman Miller chair.

Perfect for evil geniuses.

Made for ruling the world.

Rhythm fabric feels like touching the clouds.

Along with the bragging rights comes the bragging-worthy cost.

Buy The Embody Chair Here

4. Gates Genuine Leather Ergonomic Office Chair By Zuri Furniture (Cheaper And Comfier Option)

The Gates office chair by Zuri Furniture doesn’t very special at the first sight. However, underneath that padding, it’s hiding the ergonomy synchronized tilt reclining mechanism and it’s overall a high-end comfortable office chair for gaming that won’t leave your wallet empty.

As a general rule, the office chair tends to be more ergonomic than comfortable (it’s really difficult to have both – only Herman Miller chairs truly achieve that). The Gates chair is a complete opposite – it’s focus is on comfortability and the chair itself has decent ergonomic qualities as well.

You can see that Zuri Furniture made a chair is thickly padded with high-density foam and covered with durable and expensive real leather:

real leather gates chair for gaming in cream leather
The Gates chair is cream real leather. It is a comfy office chair that can be used for gamers (primarily strategy games).

The Gates chair is surprisingly light considering all that heavy padding. A part of the reason is the polished aluminum base that is both light and strong.

The really amazing thing is that such a comfortable chair has incorporated a synchronized tilt system; that enables the chair to follow your movements. You usually find such a mechanism with a high-end ergonomic chair that is rather thin; the Gates chair presents you with the same ergonomic-enhancing system but with comfortable padding to boost.

The price of this ergonomic office chair for gaming is more than affordable. Considering that most of the uniquely designed office chairs cost more than $1,000, the Gates chair with real leather is quite a steal.

Has synchronized tilt system.

Focus on comfortability; with thick padding for pleasant gaming.

Real leather is a plus.

Very affordable price point.

Not as amazing as Herman Miller.

Buy The Gates Here

Want To Share Some Advices On How To Pick A Gaming Chairs?

If you have any experience with gaming chairs, you’re most welcome to share them in the comments below. Include which kind of chair you have, what are the pros and cons, how much it costs and so on, you know the drill.