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Welcome to Gaming Chairs Hunter. We are a bunch of nerds specializing in hunting down the best gaming chairs.

The number of gaming chairs currently on the market: 10,000+. This number is growing exponentially every year. Even if you’re a PRO gamer who knows a good chair can up your game, it’s easy to lose yourself in all these gaming chair models, features, sizes, footrest, and so on.

If you look at the history of gaming chairs, you can see the meteoric rise that goes parallel with the rise of gaming culture (Twitch, Xbox gaming, superb computers, $1+ million reward Tournaments and Championships).

In less than 15 years, the gaming chair has become the No. 1 addition for gamers. More than $1 billion of gaming chairs are being sold every year:

history of the best gaming chair brands

How To Chose The Best Gaming Chair For Your Setup?

Everybody wants the best gaming chair for:

  • Their body type (short guys, normal guys, big guys).
  • Their gaming setup (red, pink, blue, black setting, you name it).

When we think about what might be the best chair for us, we naturally start thinking about a few different options, such as:

  • Which is the best gaming chairs brand? There are 15+ renowned gaming chair brands such as AutoFull, DXRacer, Secretlabs, GTRacing, and so on.
  • What are the best chairs with a specific feature? Let’s say we want a comfortable chair or the one with speakers, or just one that is the best of big guys. There are 10+ different features we can rank gaming chairs for.
  • Is this chair the any good? We help you out with reviews of specific chairs.
  • Is this chair better than the other? We have a special section called ‘Gaming Chairs Battles’ when we compare chairs head to head.
  • Colorful chairs. ‘I have a red setup, which red gaming chair would be the best?’ Obviously we want to get a chair that will match (color-wise) our overall setup.

That’s why we at Gaming Chairs Hunters features a list of best gaming chairs in each category. But before you check those, you might want to look into some of our guides. These inform you about different aspects of gaming chairs and give you an insight on how can rank gaming chairs:

Gaming Chair Guides

Gaming chairs follow pretty much the same blueprint, based on the 1st DXRacer gaming chairs. Here is how the structure of gaming chair looks like:

original blueprint for a gaming chair by dxracer
The 1st gaming chair by DXRacer started a revolution. This basic blueprint will represent a framework for almost every gaming chair that will be designed over the next 15 years.

In order to educate yourself on a few constituents that make up a gaming chair, you can check out these guides:

  • Upholstery guide. The cover of a gaming chair is where all the skin-chair interaction goes on. There are different upholsteries you can choose from, such as PU leather, PVC leather, mesh, synthetic fabric, real leather, and so on.
  • Foam guide. Below the upholstery is the foam. Foam type, quality, and distribution determine how comfortable a gaming chair feels. Foams have different densities and softness factors (ILD). You can choose between regular HD36 foam, high-density lux foam, and premium cold cure foam.
  • Base guide. Gaming chairs have 5-star bases. They differ in materials these bases are made out of. Some are from hard plastic, others from nylon, and you’ll even see metallic bases from time to time.
  • Height guide. Big guys usually have problems with picking a chair that would fit them well. You can check our guide explains how you can pick a chair for your height. If you’re a big guy, you can also check the best gaming chairs for big guys here.

infographic about how high should a gaming chair be for short and tall guys

If you check all the guides, you’ll get tons of information on how to choose the best chair for you. We made this task easier for you. We packed our hunting gear and went into the world of gaming chairs to track the best ones down.

Gaming Chairs By Feature

Most gamers have an idea about what kind of gaming chair they want. Some put comfortability first (or just the addition of footrest), others price of the chair, some parents are looking for chairs for their kids.

In order to reduce those 10.000+ gaming chair options to just a few, we have prepared the ‘Best Chairs’ lists. They are easily navigatable, include important features and some light chair reviews. Here are some of the most prominent chair by feature:

  • Most comfortable gaming chairs. For a lot of gamers, having a comfortable chair is the most important. On the list, you’ll find chairs in which you can be downright lazy. They have a lot of foam and feel like sitting on a cloud.
  • Best gaming chairs for speakers. GTRacing started adding wireless 2.1 speakers to gaming chairs. They can be useful for listening to music or just listening to every step in Call Of Duty. Recently, X Rocker has come up with several chairs with speakers as well.
  • Best chair with footrests. The footrest is one of the top features covered by gamers. They are meant to create a more relaxing gaming experience. If you want, you can even take a nap in the chair.
  • Xbox One gaming chairs. Console gamers need comfortable chairs. Some even offer console compatibility for Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Wii, and so on. We feature the most appropriate chairs for Xbox One players.
  • Folding chairs. Gaming chairs can also be foldable. Having a folding gaming chair means you can easily fold them and put them in the basement when you don’t need them. They are most appropriate for gamers who suffer from a lack of space.
  • Best cheap gaming chairs. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a gaming chair (but still want a sturdy chair), you should look for cheaper sitting options. These chairs might not be the cheapest (because those cheapest chairs are crap), but they are the best price-performance chairs.
  • Most ergonomic gaming chairs. Most gamers are not ready to spend $1,000 for a gaming chair. However, older gamers who know the pain one can feel after sitting on a non-ergonomic chair, know the value of a good ergonomic sitting. Here you’ll find $1,000+ chairs with top-notch ergonomic qualities.
  • Kids gaming chairs for boys and girls. Actually, the hardest task is to find an appropriate chair for kids who love gaming. Not many companies produce kids gaming chairs and the selection here is limited.

Overall, we also try to take into account all these lists and create a full list of the best gaming chairs currently on the market. It’s true that chairs come and go, but the best ones stick around. Those are usually the best ones you can buy.

Gaming Chairs By Color

No gaming setup is complete without a gaming chair. When designing our setups, we usually choose 2 colors (red and black are one of the favorite combinations). Obviously, we also need a chair with upholstery that matches our overall setup.

Finding gaming chairs of a specific color can be a struggle. We are hunting down the best chairs in every color. Here are the current ones we’ve tracked down:

  • Pink gaming chairs. Favorite among female gamers, pink gaming chairs are all the rage in recent years. Designers create comfortable chairs with pink PU upholstery. Some of the best even add cute features such as bunny ears to create kawaii gaming chairs.
  • Red and black chairs. Red and black are the two favorite colors for most players. Red setup in a dark room is just badass. We have managed to hunt down chairs that have both red and black upholstery; these make a fine addition of the overall computer setup.
  • Purple gaming chairs. Purple is quite a niche color when it comes to gaming setups. However, people who do have a purple keyboard and purple headsets also want to get a purple gaming chair.

There are also a number of shades of each color. We’re a bunch of guys and don’t really know much about the intricate world of shades. That’s why we use helpful color schematics such as the ‘Pink Color Guide’ to better pick chairs based on specific colors:

pink color guide hot pink deep pink baby pink normal pink and light pink

Reviews Of Individual Gaming Chairs

There are several gaming chairs that come up a lot. Nokaxus chair, Homall, AutoFull pink to name just a few.

We look at each of these popular chairs, break them down – upholstery, foam, features, and so on – and give a review of each of them. They are summarized here:

  • Nokaxus gaming chair review. This one is beloved by all gamers who love comfortable seats. It’s the only one with 5-inch seat thickness; that’s 30% more than most standard gaming chairs.
  • RESPAWN-900 review. We have been trying to track down a gaming chair with a cup holder for years. Having a Gatorade ready seemed cool; we’ve finally found one that has a cup holder incorporated in the chair itself – the RESPAWN-900.
  • Homall chair review. Homall is a classic. It was the 1st popular cheap gaming chair. In 2020, it’s still one of the most popular classic chairs with amazing reviews.
  • AutoFull bunny gaming chair review. AutoFull is just so cute you can’t resist. It has those floppy bunny ears and a bunny tail on the back. For girls, it’s pretty much the cutest addition to their gaming setup.
  • KILLABEE Big and Tall review. It’s harder to find chairs for big guys. KILLABEE chair with 400 lbs maximum weight capacity is one of the favorite ones for guys who are both tall and strong.
  • MERAX chair review. This was once one of the best chairs you could buy. In recent years, however, it’s popularity is slowly deteriorating. The fact is that other better chairs came along.
  • noblechairs ICON review. The ICON is a chair one of our writers really has a crush on. He’s been using it for 2 years now; it’s well-built, reliable and after 2 years there is not a scratch visible on the leather. Oh, and it has a real leather upholstery option which presents a major appeal to high-end gamers. Here’s how a short summary review looks like:noblechairs ICON gaming chair with real leather review
  • Polar Aurora review. When it hit the market, it had a really low price – below $100. The price is higher now; they’ve done a few upgrades on it and realized that people are willing to spend much more than $100 to get their hands on the Polar Aurora.
  • UOMAX chair review. UOMAX has a futuristic design with LED lights. If you’re lucky, you can get red, green, or blue LED lights. The sad part is that all 3 colors are rarely available (some problems with supply).

Gaming Chair Battles

This part is our favorite. There is nothing like the boxing ring situation of one gaming chair in one corner and another in the second corner. We make a head-to-head analysis of the most popular chairs.

When gamers nailed down their choices to two chairs, let’s say Secretlab OMEGA and TITAN, they really need insight on specifically why one is better than the other. That’s what gaming chair battles are all about.

Here are the current chair boxing matches:

  • noblechairs HERO vs Secretlab TITAN. It’s just crazy how many people come down to HERO vs TITAN. These are two of the best gaming chairs you can get; they have a similar design and price. Our conclusion is that, for most people, TITAN is superior.
  • Secretlab OMEGA vs TITAN. Secretlab is like the Apple of gaming chairs; they make only 2 (well, 3) gaming chairs and both of them are phenomenal. We had to really look hard to check for differences between the chairs. There are 4 distinct differences we were able to pinpoint and base our decision if TITAN is really better than OMEGA based on them:comparison of secretlab titan and omega gaming chairs
  • Vertagear SL2000 vs SL4000 vs SL5000. Vertagear is a California-based company that has several lines of gaming chairs. The most popular ones are the SL Series SL2000, SL4000, and SL5000. We put these 3 gaming chairs in a virtual boxing ring to see which one will rise as a champion.

Promise To Keep Tracking Down The Best Gaming Chairs

As stated before, there are more than 10,000 gaming chairs currently on the market. Some are phased out. Even more of them are created each year.

We have our finger on the gaming chair industry’s pulse. That let us updated on which gaming chairs are coming our, what specs they have and how well they are designed compared to existing chairs.

We hope to bring you the freshest information throughout.