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Gaming Chair With Cup Holder Frustration ‘Gatorade me!’

The really frustrating things (when gaming) includes mostly the things you have to do by standing up from your gaming chair. These ‘oh god please no’ moments include:

  1. Going to a toilet (No. 1 and No. 2).
  2. Having to take something to eat.
  3. Drinking!

Proper hydration is the cornerstone of all long-hour gaming session and you would at least expect you can get a gaming chair with a cup holder.

Have Yet To See A Gaming Chair With Cup Holder For Mountain Dew

To drain everybody enthusiasms right away; I have yet to find a nice gaming chair that would come equipped with a cup holder. How can we expect to hydrate or enjoy a Mountain Dew, Gatorade or beer if no gaming chair facilitates some kind of device to hold our beverage? It’s quite frustrating.

The fact remains; according to Mayo Clinic, an adult male gamer should drink 15.5 cups of water per day and an adult female gamer should drink 11.5 cups of water. That’s roughly half a cup of water per hour.

According to the numbers of gaming hours Limelight is throwing around average gamer plays more than 6 hours per week. That’s at least 3 cups he should be drinking; a cup holder on a gaming chair could help us reduce the time of going to the fridge for Gatorade.

But since there are only cup-blocking no cup holder gaming chairs available, we have a quite particular problem that gaming chair producers should solve in the future – just put a cup holder on the gaming chair armrest, for example.

In the meanwhile, there are few things you can do to shorten the distance between you and the drink, and you’re probably not going to like any of them:

1. Set A Glass Of Water On the Gaming Desk

I know, this does sound dull. With the absence of cup holder on a gaming chair, the next closest thing you can reach is your gaming desk.

Having a pitcher of fresh water, a six-pack of beer or a cooled down Mountain Dew on your desk for gaming will help you getting some refreshment easier.

Of course, chances are you’ll be drinking more as well which can only help you in the long-hour gaming sessions.

2. Buy A Cup Holder To Clip On A Gaming Desk

Having a drink holder on the desk and not on the gaming chair does make a bit of sense. A gaming chair can move around quite violently; especially if you’re prone to rage quitting. That could spill your drink.

On the gaming desk, however, the drink can be more stable since the desk doesn’t move around all that much. You can get a neat cup holder for your desk like the one on the photo below (it’ll cost you about $10).

gaming desk with a cup holder
Having a desk cup holder is not the same as a gaming chair with a cup holder; but it’s the next best thing.

I have yet to tried to mount a cup holder on any of my gaming chairs. Honestly, I think the armrests would be quite appropriate for these holders but I would rather have my glass on the table. On the armrest, it would restrict my movement while gaming.

3. Bring A Mini Fridge To Your Room/Basement

Yeah, this is a particularly useless idea but if you’re currently in a position that you have to take a trip to the kitchen fridge to get a beverage, having a mini fridge in your room or basement can be an OK idea.

And there is a bonus to not going out of the area you’re gaming; you don’t have to have small talk with roommates or mom.

Conclusion And Call For A Cup Holding Gaming Chair

There are two things that every gamer should be aware of:

  1. Hydration while gaming will help you keep your edge.
  2. Fetching drinks is not fun.

And I just want to put this call out there: if anybody discovers a gaming chair with a cup holder, I want to have it and test it for you guys.

The whole drinking-gaming experience would be fun to test out. Just put a description or a link to that particular cup holding badass of a chair in the comments, dear stranger.

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