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7 Biggest Gaming Chair For Big Guys (6+ foot, 200+ lbs)

The problems for tall guys don’t end with the crazy short leg area on planes. People might joke about “Oh what’s the weather up there” if you’re above 6’4” and might even do some nasty jokes if you’re overweight as well. The “joke’s on you” and big guy problems do translate into the gaming world as well.

There aren’t thousands of choices of shoes, pants and, of course, gaming chairs super tall and/or obese people have. As with shoe size 13 or above, the choice is a bit limited, and it’s the same game with the gaming chairs for big guys.

That calls for a hunt! We’re going to hunt down the biggest gaming chairs on the planet. Target requirements for a gaming chair for a tall person:

  1. Must have a maximum capacity of at least 350 lbs. 400 lbs would be perfect for super stability.
  2. Gaming chair for a tall guy should be tall; we’re talking 50+ inches. No small chairs for big guys.
  3. Must be heavy. A big amount of gaming chair should net a heavy chair, something in the neighborhood of 50 pounds and beyond. Only heavy gaming chairs for heavy people.
  4. Especially for big guys, the gaming seat should be a bit more spacious and thus comfy.

One drawback of big and heavy gaming chairs is that they tend to be more expensive (more materials, more steel) than normal-sized one. The average cost of a gaming chair for bigger guys north of $300.

I don’t want to give any tall and strong guy looking for a gaming chair a spoiler about the best gaming chair for big guys but… But we’ve managed to track down a chair that is both the biggest, the tallest and the heaviest of all of them. And it’s called, quite obviously, the “Tank”.

You can check the 7 biggest gaming chairs appropriate for guys above 6 foot and/or 300 pounds below and read the reviews.

Top 7 Gaming Chairs For Guys Above 6 Feet

Target:Big Chair's Name:Capacity, Height, Weight:Your weight and height:Price, Rating, Availability:
dxracer tank the biggest gaming chairDXRacer’s “Tank” – The Biggest, The Tallest, The Heaviest450 lbs
65 lbs
220-400 lbs
6'0"- 6'6"
4 out of 5 stars
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autofull bucket seat for big and tall guysAutoFull Pro Gaming Seat For Big Guys400 lbs
61.3 lbs
200-350 lbs
6'0"- 5'6"
4 out of 5 stars
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blue whale big chairBlue Whale Metal Base Chair370 lbs
52.9 lbs
200-320 lbs
5'11"- 6'5"
4.4 out of 5 stars
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killabee big 400 lbs gaming chairKILLABEE Memory Foam Chair400 lbs
56.2 lbs
220-350 lbs
6'0"- 6'5"
4.3 out of 5 stars
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dowinx tallest gaming chairDowinx Extra Tall Chair350 lbs
51 lbs
200-320 lbs
6'2"- 6'8"
4.2 out of 5 stars
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killabe chair for fat guysKILLABEE Cheapest Gaming Chair For Big Guys440 lbs
41.8 lbs
280-400 lbs
5'10"- 6'4"
4.1 out of 5 stars
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vertagear PL6000 chair for extra big guysVERTAGEAR PL6000 X-Large Gaming Chair 440 lbs
57 lbs
240-400 lbs
5'9"- 6'8"
3.6 out of 5 stars
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1. DXRacer’s “Tank” – The Biggest, The Tallest, The Heaviest

Max. Capacity: 450 lbs

Max. Height: 52 to 55 inches

Chair Weight: 65 lbs

Colors: Black

Your recommended weight: 280-425 lbs

Your recommended height: 6’1″- 6’6″

“It’s built like a tank”. This is the most popular review of the gigantic DOH/TS29/NR DXRacer chair commonly referred to as the “Tank”.

If you’ve ever sat a standard gaming chair the enormity of the “Tank” will amaze you. DXRacer created the epitome of the best gaming chair for big and strong guys. The “Tank” has 150 lbs higher max. cap than a normal chair. You can adjust its height up to 55 inches. I just can’t go beyond how incredible these numbers are.

You’ll also need to be quite strong to move the chair. It weighs a whopping 65 lbs. Even the company that makes it admits the “Tank” has ‘the largest seat in DXRacer’s history’:

gaming chair for very tall person
DXRacer’s the “Tank” is built like a tank and a No. 1 gaming chair for big and tall people.

The “Tank” is the most popular choice of a gaming chair for gamers over 300 pounds. It can easily support up to 425 pounds of weight. The recommended body mass index is below 30; that does exclude some heavier guys.

Sounds pretty much the best chair for big guys, right? Be aware, you won’t like the price of it at first. It’s the only $500+ chairs on the list, here is quite an insightful review of the pricing issue of the DXRacer’s “Tank”:

dxracer big and tall chair review small

In short, it is built like a tank but it nearly costs as much as a tank as well. Nonetheless, this is one of the rare cases where the built quality, comfortability and the pure might of the “Tank” chair justify the high-end cost of a gaming chair:

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2. AutoFull Pro Gaming Seat For Big Guys

Max. Capacity: 400 lbs

Max. Height: 53.2 inches

Chair Weight: 61.3 lbs

Colors: White

Your recommended weight: 220-350 lbs

Your recommended height: 6″- 6’5″

Now let’s get one thing straight. The AutoFull gaming chair is designed for big people in mind but it’s not the “Tank”, and gladly, it costs almost half as much.

With the massive 400 max. cap, it can easily support people who are both weigh 350 and/or are 6’5” tall. In contrast to the “Tank”, the AutoFull chair offers detailed ergonomic parts like headrest, lumbar support cushioning and even allows you to recline it up to 155-degree angle (cool for naps):

review of big autofull gaming chair
Autofull is one of the most ergonomic gaming chairs for big and tall guys.

The AutoFull chair is the only truly Pro chair on the list. The company behind the chair is the authorized official sponsor of International Pro Leagues Including WCA, LPL, and MDI. If you’re ever good enough to be parts of a pro team like RNG, LGD or Newbee, they’ll give you one for free!

However, for everybody else this 400 lbs max. cap chair costs about $300:

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3. Blue Whale Cheap Gaming Chair For Big Guys

Max. Capacity: 370 lbs

Max. Height: 51.2 inches

Chair Weight: 52.9 lbs

Colors: Grey, Black

Your recommended weight: 200-320 lbs

Your recommended height: 5’11”- 6’5″

Even if you’re a bigger guy, there is always some smart cheaper choice of pretty much any product you can buy that gives you a similar quality than the expensive ‘original’. The underdog in this chair fight is the Blue Whale gaming chair appropriate for (about) 250 guys who’re over 6 foot.

It has quite a nice seat area with 20+ inch width and depth. It will allow you even a trick not many big and tall gaming chairs can handle – a 175-degree recline for some relaxing time:

big and tall blue whale gaming chair
Blue Whale chair is the underdog in this hunt. It’s not the biggest one but it’s the best budget option for tall guys.

It’s true that the Blue Whale chair is not a super strong and super tall as the “Tank”. But it is super less expensive than the behemoth that takes the No. 1 place.

By replacing the choice of the “Tank” with the “Blue Whale” any guy not extremely high or heavy will be greatly served by the Whale and you’ll save more than $300 as well:

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4. KILLABEE Extra Large Memory Foam Chair

Max. Capacity: 400 lbs

Max. Height: 53.5 inches

Chair Weight: 56.2 lbs

Colors: Black, Blue, Grey

Your recommended weight: 220-350 lbs

Your recommended height: 6′ – 6’5″

In the in-depth KILLABEE Big and Tall chair review, we’ve seen that this chair is about 2 things:

  1. Being big. Fit’s all the big chair hunting – 400 lbs max cap, 50+ inches tall, 50 pounds heavy.
  2. Being extremely comfortable. The extra thick and large memory foam will evoke tears of comfy joy while you’re sitting on it. It’s just that comfy.

I mean, just look at the thickness of that memory foam seat cushion, is like ass heaven:

killabee chair for a tall person
KILLABEE large chair with memory foam is big and joyfully comfy.

Let’s remember that no tall guy is the same; that’s where adjustments come in handy and KILLABEE 400 lbs chair has plenty of those to offer. Gaming chairs don’t come out of the box custom made to fit you. The more you joggle with the leg, armrests, seat height adjustments, the better fit.

You might seat it even if you’re just 5’10”. However, only guys over 6 foot 2 will enjoy the real comfortability kicker of the KILLABEE chairs. That’s pretty much the height that makes you big enough for all the of chair’s support paddings and adjustability ranges.

The real kicker is how much gaming chair bang you get for your buck with KILLABEE. You can get more than 56 pounds of comfy chair for less than $300:

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5. Dowinx Extra Tall Gaming Chair

Max. Capacity: 350 lbs

Max. Height: 55 inches

Chair Weight: 51 lbs

Colors: Blue, Red, Grey, White With Black

Your recommended weight: 200-320 lbs

Your recommended height: 6’2″- 6’8″

The Dowinx chair is specially designed for tall and slim guys. The max. capacity is 350 lbs (so you shouldn’t be heavy) but the incredible 55-inch overall high of the chair means that you can be tall. In fact, only tall people can sit the Dowinx chair.

Everybody also talks about how the footrest is a great addition to the chair. It’s quite a brave thing to incorporate a leg rest for a chair that can sit a 6’8” guys and still keep the stability of the chair intact; fortunately, Dowinx pulled it on in quite a spectacular manner:

tallest gaming chair in the world
Dowinx is the tallest gaming chair on the list. It’s also the only one to include a footrest. Only for guys over 6’2”.

The padding is quite nice as well (up to 5-inch high-density foam in some areas) which makes the Dowinx quite a comfortable gaming chair for the tallest guys.

It’s worth repeating that this is a chair only for tall and slim/lanky guys. It doesn’t have the big 400 lbs max. capacity and it doesn’t support the super amount of weight. It is, however, taller than any chair on the list (well, as tall as the “Tank” but the Tank is the Tank, right?) and available for less than half of the cost of the Tank:

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6. KILLABEE Cheapest Gaming Chair For Big Guys

Max. Capacity: 440 lbs

Max. Height: 50.3 inches

Chair Weight: 41.8 lbs

Colors: Red-White-Black

Your recommended weight: 280-400 lbs

Your recommended height: 5’10”- 6’4″

If a big guy looking for budget gaming chairs, the KILLABE large chair is your perfect choice. Everything bigger tends to be more expensive and it’s the same with gaming chairs (that’s why most of them cost more than $300). Not the cheap version of KILLABEE chair, though.

Even with the big 440 lbs max. capacity and 50+ inch height, the KILLABEE chair costs less than $200. That pretty much makes it the cheapest gaming chair for big and tall guys by a lot!

cheap gaming chair for big and tall guys
At below $200, KILLABEE large chair is the cheapest option for big guys.

So where’s the catch? How can a gaming chair cost less than $200 while every other big chair costs more than $300? It’s the smart choice of cheaper materials the KILLABEE chair is made out of.

The material budget is put where it matters the most; strong base and nice PU leather cover. However, the casters are out of plastic and the padding is not 5-inch thick. This explains why every tall chair weights more than 50 pounds and the cheap KILLABEE weighs 41 pounds.

Overall, it is a solid chair for any 6+ foot guy to sit at an incredibly low price:

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7. VERTAGEAR PL6000 X-Large Gaming Chair

Max. Capacity: 440 lbs

Max. Height: 54.6 inches

Chair Weight: 57 lbs

Colors: Carbon, White, Camouflage, Red, White

Your recommended weight: 240-400 lbs

Your recommended height: 5’9″- 6’8″

Guys, we should talk about VERTAGEAR PL6000 chair, you know, the X-Large one that should be like the best chair for strong people. The PL6000 is quite a famous chair and even I have to say that such a big chair being available in ‘Camouflage’ color is a bonus for a chair hunter.

And those rolling casters do look amazing:

vertagear PL6000 extra large gaming chair
Vertagear PL6000’s casters are just amazing.

BUT! Tall people give it quite a lower rating because it’s uncomfortable for some and expensive for what you get for all.

Look at how comfortable it is; well, there is not much extra padding that can be seen, the armrests are plastic and bare and there is no head or lumbar support. It’s kind of an ascetic gaming chair most appropriate for tall Jedi masters. Doesn’t have that comfy and fun spirit to it.

The price of tall and big gaming chairs is rarely low. But even rarer still you see such a high price that VERTAGEAR PL6000 is asking for for a chair that is not a fan favorite nor does it inspire great confidence if how comfortable it is:

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Let’s cover some basic FAQ as far as big chairs are concerned:

I’m 6 foot 4. What kind of gaming chair should I buy?

This is exactly what this post is about. My advice is to have some metrics in mind; for tall guys, you should be looking at chairs with an overall height of more than 50 inches. The maximum capacity doesn’t need to be 400 lbs; it can be as low as 300 lbs if you weigh about 200 pounds.

Be sure that the chair you’re looking for has some height adjustments available. You’ll want the chair to fit you as Infinity Gauntlet fit’s Thanos’s left arm. For that, you’ll have to up or down a notch on seat height, armrest settings and so on.

The choice of design, as ever, if yours. One rule I often following when buying gaming chairs is to pick the most non-flashy one. The flashy cheap ones breakdown easier, in my experience. The sturdier-looking blackish ones are designed more like office chairs which makes them more durable.

What is the best gaming chair for a tall guy who isn’t fat and a fat guy who isn’t particularly tall?

Chairs for big guys include 3 body types depending on the height and the weight of the gamer (depends on the definition of ‘big guy’). That’s why there are 3 types of big chairs:

  1. Chairs for tall and strong (well, fat, you know what I mean) guys. Should have over 400 lbs max cap, 50+ inch height, and weight 50+ pounds. Prime example: The “Tank” (No. 1).
  2. Chairs for tall but slim/normal guys. 55-inch chair height would be perfect, the chair should weight at least 50 pounds. Example: Dowinx Extra Tall Chair (No. 5).
  3. Gaming chairs for fat guys who aren’t that tall. Check for 400+ lbs max. capacity, 50 lbs chair weight and don’t worry about chair height. Should have a wider and deeper gaming seat. Example: KILLABEE Memory Foam Chair (No. 4).

Are Gaming Chairs For Big Guys Uncomfortable?

Any chair can be uncomfortable but if you’re a big guy chance of coming across an uncomfortable chair rise exponentially with height and weight. The bigger gaming chairs are specifically designed to deal with the additional size of a person; be it higher height or higher weight.

Of course, even big guys chairs can be comfortable as f*ck. You have to check a few baseline metrics such as 400 lbs max. cap and 50-inch overall chair height and especially look for chairs that have a lot of moving parts. Adjustability is the name of the game when making your chair comfortable and it’s the same for short and tall guys; if you’re not exactly the normal body type, every adjustable part of a gaming chair can be your friend.

Tall And Big Guys Chair Experiences

Back to you guys. We’ve tracked down the biggest chairs for gaming and looked at what makes them most appropriate for big-sized body types.

If you’re a big guy (who’s a big guy, yeah you are) and have experience with big gaming chairs, you can share it in the comment below. By doing this you’ll expand our hunting territory for gaming chairs and help us track them down.

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