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10+ Cutest Pink Gaming Chairs That Are Just Too Adorable

Barbies, nails, and fashion – I’ll take everything in baby pink, please. (Jeffree Star)

I do wonder if Jeffree Star would also opt for a pink gaming chair as well; just because it would go together with his glamorous gaming routine.

Joking aside, pink gaming chairs are quite a delicacy for everybody who wants to up their gaming skills as well as look fabulous doing it.

Playing Call of Duty or Guild Wars 2 out of a comfortable pink gaming throne is just badass if you ask me (especially if a chair has bunny ears like my #1 pick).

That’s why I equipped myself with all the pink camouflage to go out into the wild world of the gaming chairs and started hunting down the best looking pink gaming chairs girls as well as guys.

Now, I’m a guy and for me, there is only one pink color. You know, the, am, pink color. But my girlfriend did inform me that there are several different shades of pink.

In the top 10 pink chair list you’ll find:

Light pink gaming chairs. This is actually a darker shade of pink color than pink (if that makes sense).
Deep pink gaming chairs. As the name suggests, this is a deeper shade of pink.
Baby pink chairs. A very light shade of pink that, I suppose, is somewhat more relevant in beauty products.
Hot pink chairs. Beware that a hot pink gaming chair doesn’t outshine all your other gaming gear; it’s quite an aggressive color.

Pink gaming chairs are actually really difficult to find but we’ve managed to hunt down the Top 10 Pink Gaming Chairs and feature even some light reviews of each one.

The #1 pick is obviously the AutoFull chair with bunny ears (nothing beats bunny ears!). Here is how fabulous it looks:

kawaii gaming chair in pink
#1 AutoFull pink gaming chair comes with cute rabbit ears & fluffy rabbit tail. 100% adorable!

Here’s the full list:

Pink Target:Chair Name:Add-ons:Rating:
autofull kawaii cute pink gaming chair with bunny ears for a princess AutoFull Kawaii Chair (With Cute Bunny Ears For Princesses) Adorable Bunny Ears Included (Very Important!)
Best (And Cutest!) Pink Gaming Chair Overall
5 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
karxas pink gaming chair for men KARXAS Pink Dragon Chair (Even The Men Adore) Superb Reviews
Awesome Dragon Emblem
Super Built Materials
4.8 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
musso baby pink gaming chair the zero series Musso Zero Series Baby Pink Gaming Chair Zero Series
Sturdy and comfy
4.7 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
homall pink gaming chair for girls Homall Shero Pink Gaming Chair Properly girly (pink and violet combo)
Popular Homall brand
4.6 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
deep pink vertagear SL2000 gaming chair for the ladies Vertagear SL2000 Deep Pink Premium Gaming Chair Vertagear (Premium Brand)
Premium Resiliance Foam
Ergonomic And Performance-Driven
4.5 out of 5 stars
Check on Vertagear
nokaxus light pink gaming chair Nokaxus Light Pink Massager Chair Massage - Waist USD Pillow
4.3 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
pink and white gaming chair by jummico Jummico Pink and White Gaming Chair (Halo Series) The cutest play of pink and white color4.1 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
WAHSON gaming chair for women Wahson Pink Gaming Chair With Funny Headrest Unique headrest4 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
dansitwell pink gaming chair Dansitwell Light Pink Gaming Chair Footrest
400 lbs max. capacity
3.8 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
dowinx smoked salmon colored pink gaming chair with footrest Dowinx Baby Pink Gaming Chair 5-inch comfy padding
Massager at the lumbar area
3.8 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
dxracer pink gaming chair for girlsDXRacer Pink Gaming Chair For Girls (Formula Series) Famous DXRacer brand (now in pink!)
Special soft armrests with adjustment protect shoulders and wrists
3.6 out of 5 stars
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Pink Gaming Chair Reviews

If you checked out the pink gaming chairs, you’ll notice that there are many popular gaming chair brands like X Rocker, Vertagear and Homall that have a pink version of their chairs. Vertagear SL2000 in deep pink is a prime example of that.

Regardless of how known a brand is, I’ve decided to make some light reviews of pink gaming chairs. That includes all the pink shades from light to deep pink and I took it upon myself to make a hot pink gaming chair review as well (just because the X Rocker chair is pretty unique with all the audio inclusions).

Let’s start with the No. 1 pink gaming chair on the list, shall we?

1. AutoFull Kawaii Chair In Pink And White (Did I Say Bunny Ears?)

The AutoFull pink gaming chair is an absolute No. 1 chair on our pink list. I know, I know, people will say I’m a bit biased because I LOVE bunnies and this particular AutoFull chair does feature fabulous bunny ears.

But it’s quite the contrary. It is the complete wholesomeness, features, sturdy built materials and comfortability of the AutoFull Kawaii that makes it the best pink gaming chair on the planet. The bunny ears are just a bonus! And don’t they look cute:

autofull pink gaming chair with bunny ears atop the backrest and with white armrests
AutoFull chair is the No. 1 pink gaming chair. Not because of the fabulous bunny ears but because of coziness and sturdiness of the chair itself.

AutoFull is known to sponsor International Pro Leagues such as WCA and MDI bravely uses the pink and white gaming chair not only because of the funny and cute look; the AutoFull pink chair is both comfortable and performance-driven.

The pink upholstery is made out of premium PU leather that doesn’t rip apart easily and is stain-resistant. The addition of white PU leather to the pink undertones really does make a beautiful chair.

Another premium feature is the SGS4 explosion-proof gas spring that brings up the maximum capacity of the chair to the 300 lbs. The whole structure of the chair is made to last. That’s why it earns a full 5-star rating.

Of course, this is not the cheapest pink gaming chair you’ll find, but, hey, they do offer free gifts of cute rabbit ears & fluffy rabbit tail & pink mouse pad with the purchase of the AutoFull pink chair and that’s worth a lot in my book:

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2. KARXAS Pink Gaming Chair Review (This One Breathes Dragon Fire)

I have yet to see a chair that would get such quick traction and non-stop 5-star reviews as the KARXAS pink gaming chair. And it doesn’t all have to do with its dragon sounding name (Karxasus The Carcass Maker) and the appealing dragon emblem.

Despite being one of the newest 2019 pink gaming chair editions, the KARXAS is fast becoming the most popular pink gaming chair. The #1 pick AutoFull chair still holds the title (because how can you beat the bunny ears, right?) but KARXAS is overall such a tremendous gaming chair that costs more than $80 less than AutoFull.

I mean, just look at all the features the pink version of KARXAS chair has to offer:

karxas gaming chair features that include recline, swivel and steel skeleton
KARXAS has ferocious features like steel skeleton, massage lumbar pillow, and thick high-density seat.

Who wouldn’t love to have a USB-enabled massage pillow on their gaming chair? The wide and thick seat is also great if you have those extra pounds you’ve been trying to lose. The KARXAS doesn’t judge – it gives you a comfy gaming experience.

The funny thing about those features is that KARXAS, especially if you check the reviews, is a favorite pink gaming chair for men. Usually, men go for red and black chairs you can check out here.

Here one KARXAS gaming chair review (by a guy, no less!):

Obviously, the price of the pink gaming chair is incredible considering all the features you get. But what I love is that there are 20+ men in the Amazon review section that just love this pink gaming chair. Of course, women adore it too!

What I really like is how this KARXAS chair review points out how very comfortable the chair is. The added padding on all sides will do that and it’s really easy to see what the KARXAS pink chair is quickly becoming one of most beloved gaming chairs by both men and women.

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3. Baby Pink Musso Gaming Chair Review (Zero Series)

If Jeffree Star would be into gaming, he would totally be into the new Musso baby pink gaming chair (he does like baby pink, remember?).

Similarly to AutoFull chair, the Musso combines the baby pink color with white PU leather that makes for a fashionable chair for girls. The ergonomic design with high-back and lumbar support with a thick pink seat make the Musso baby pink chair one of the most comfortable ones.

If you check out the Razer Quartz pink campaign, you’ll see how baby pink can completely transform your gaming setting.

Even the chair’s armrests are wider which adds to how comfortable this baby pink gaming chairs. If you combine that with thick comfortable padding, you get this beauty of a chair:

sturdy baby pink gaming chair make by musso
If Jeffree Star would be looking for a gaming chair, the Musso baby pink chair is probably the one he’ll pick.

Despite being pink and girly, the Musso chair has built like a tank. The core of its structure is the integrated metal frame and heavy-duty base. This makes the 300 lbs max. capacity possible and also makes a stable chair.

As we well know, pink stable gaming chairs are essential when you want to rage quit Kitty Island Adventure.

With the healthy range of the adjustable seat height (it goes up and down from 18.2” to 21.9”), it’s appropriate for both petite short girls as well as for a tall girl. With the 170-degree recline, you can even make yourself cozy gaming cocoa and sip it really slowly.

The Musso baby pink gaming chair is actually the highest rated below $200 chair on our list and you can get it here:

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4. Homall Shero Pink And Violet Gaming Chair (Popular Brand And Nice Colors)

The Homall gaming chair, in general, is one of the most popular gaming chairs on the world (I even made a review of the standard Homall Chair here). It’s not hard to see why with the below $150 price tag and ergonomic design that is very enjoyment-focused.

Luckily, the Homall decided to offer all girl and woman gamers a chance to get a pink-colored gaming chair (with splashes of violet). Being a guy, I really can’t think of more fitting colors for a woman gaming setup than pink and violet. The colors come together beautifully in the Homall Shero chair:

pink and violet gaming chair by homall chairs for petite girls
The Shero version of the popular Homall gaming chair is covered in pink and violet faux leather.

The pink and violet gaming chair takes care of the ergonomic aspects (that you might ignore but your spine will definitely notice). These include the thick seat padding, lumbar support, high-back support, and wide armrests.

The Homall pink chair is more appropriate for small and petite ladies. Tall girls should opt for bigger chairs such as AutoFull and Vertagear. For small people (you know, like kids), Homall also launched its Homall Kids gaming chair (#3 pick here).

A really nice thing about the Homall chair is how universal it is. Of course, you’ll use it for gaming but it’s nice and comfy for learning, reading or watching TV as well. You can get the popular pink and violet gaming chair here:

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5. Vertagear SL2000 Deep Pink (The Premium Pink Gaming Chair)

If you feel fancy and want to make all your friends envious, the deep pink Vertagear SL2000 is a brilliant chair. Don’t let me start about the Vertagear chairs – they’re top-notch middle-end chairs that just look amazing

The deep pink color of Vertagear SL2000 chair is breathtaking. I mean, just look at it. I’m a guy and even I would enjoy being hugged by such a formidable deep pink and black gaming chair:

deep pink vertagear sl2000 chair for gaming with armrest and adjustable seat height
Vertagear SL2000 is a premium brand, known for its use of superb materials and comfortability. This is the deep pink version of their original SL2000 chair.

All Vertagear chairs are designed to be put together as easily as possible. Even guys hate installing their gaming chairs and opt for Vertagear because it’s so easily assembled. I imagine that girl who’s into gaming would hate losing their time with the set-up as well, and the Vertagear pink gaming chairs spares you the troubles here.

All the parts that the Vertagear deep pink chair is made out of are premium. From PU leather to the all-body ergonomic design and premium resilience foam, this is the next generation premium chair.

It is the most expensive pink gaming chair you can but at over $250 but the brand recognition and the beautiful looks of gaming chair are well worth it:

Check on Vertagear

6. Light Pink Nokaxus Massager Chair For Tall Girls (That’s Right, Massage Pillow Is Included)

Tall girls above 5’6” have a hard time finding a pink gaming chair that would fit them perfectly. Well, with the Nokaxus large pink gaming chair you don’t have to worry about being a tight fit for a chair. The Noxakus chair is big (has +30% thicker seat), it’s light pink colored and it even has a lumbar massage pillow for chillax mode.

Now, we can focus on the beautiful light pink color (we guys call a color of smoked salmon, I guess, not really a fashion guy) or on the incredible waist pillow that comes equipped with the USB massage function. But what if you combine them both? Having a light massage while gaming on a light pink chair feels like heaven.

The bottom line is that the Nokaxus light pink gaming chair looks both beautiful and is as comfortable as they get:

best light pink gaming chair for big girls by nokaxus
Noxakus features the +30% thicker gaming seat and the beautiful light pink color.

We went into the full Noxakus gaming chair review here. One of the notable features of the Noxakus chair is it’s 30% thicker gaming chair seat. That’s one big ass comfy seat right there.

If you would like to chill even more, the Noxakus comes with a footrest. Now, we’ve covered the whole thing about gaming chairs with footrest here and explain how the addition of a footrest can add to how chill a gaming chair can be.

What is more, the Noxakus offers the 180-degree recline; that means you can literally sleep in a light pink gaming chair while having a massage at the same time.

It’s a chair for big girls well worth the cost:

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7. Jummico Pink and White Gaming Chair Review (Halo Series)

We can all agree that Jummico chair just looks amazing. The flashy pink and white colors are a nice fit; however, I have a difficulty of pinpointing exactly what kind of pink color is the Jummico chair’s upholstery.

If somebody knows what this kind of pink is called, please let me know in the comments. I only know what thing: I like it!

The Halo series is known for its versatility of use: you can use Jummico chair for gaming, reading and even napping. But by far the best part for me is the beautiful pink butterfly emblem that you can see on the chair:

hot pink and white jummico gaming chair with the zero series pink butterfly emblem
The Jummico pink and white chair has two distinct pink butterfly emblems.

You can see the pink butterfly features on the high-back support pillow and on the lumbar support. It is a nice addition to a pink and white gaming chair, I think.

The whole structure of Jummico chair is sturdy. The smooth-rolling casters with a heavy-duty 5-star base and solid spine of the chair are top of the notch. However, the chair itself can feel a bit stiff.

If you look closely, the white and pink padding is not that thick that with other gaming chairs for girls. Nonetheless, the chair’s seat is quite comfortable and it even has a little wave-like structure.

On top of all that, the Jummico chair is one of the cheapest pink gaming chairs you can get. You can get this beautiful addition to your gaming set here:

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8. Wahson Pink Gaming Chair With Funny Headrest (Funny But Comfy!)

I really thought I hit jackpot when seeing the addition of bunny ears to a pink chair’s headrest (check the No. 1 chair).

And then I saw the headrest on the Wahson pink gaming chair! It’s kind of funny looking but if you check the reviews of this pink gaming chair headrest, people are actually buying the Wahson chair just because of the headrest.

I mean, the Wahson is a sturdy and comfortable gaming chair. I just people just like the looks and the feel of it:

funny headrest on a pink gaming chair
Wahson chair has a funny but extremely comfortable headrest.

What really has to be said about this pink version of Wahson gaming chair is just how solidly it’s built.

The core of the structure is a 1.5 mm steel frame (not hard plastic as you would see with an ordinary gaming chair). Combined with the best gas lift, the innocent-looking pink gaming chair can handle up to 330 pounds of weight. That’s about 10% more than most of the other gaming chairs, pink ones and pinkless alike (is pinkless even a word?).

With the Wahson we finally see a pink gaming chair with 2D armrests. Those can move, obviously, in two dimensions (up and down and lean forward and backward).

All in all, the ‘that crazy headrest pink gaming chair’ is available here:

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9. Dansitwell Light Pink Comfortable Gaming Chair (400 lbs max. capacity)

The Dansitwell is a perfect gaming chair for big guy and girls who are into light pink. The two brightest points of this chair are:

  1. Comfortability. Just look at the thickness and the size of the lumbar pillow. It’s a monstrously big support for your lower back.
  2. 400 lbs maximum weight capacity. It’s nearly impossible to find a comfy gaming chair for big girls that would also feature some nice pink upholstery. The formidable design of the light pink chair makes the Dansitwell chair completely stable even for bigger girls.

You can select different positions of the backrest and use the pink footrest to lift your legs up while gaming (or just to take a short nap):

another baby pink gaming chair by dansitwell
Dansitwell is presenting a comfortable gaming chair with 400 lbs max. capacity.

To achieve such stability and 30% higher maximum weight capacity, the Dansitwell is constructed with the metal frame as the core of the pink chair. The base is 5-star heavy-duty with smooth-rolling casters.

The price tag of this light pink gaming chair is over $150. As we know, the largest chairs are priced higher because, quite simply, you need more material to make a large chair. You can check out the current price here:

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10. Dowinx Baby Pink Gaming Chair With Footrest

The Dowinx chair in baby pink color seems to have all those people who like to game comfortably would like:

  • Baby pink color (of course).
  • Comfy thick padding.
  • Get this – padded armrests.
  • Even a footrest.

However, despite all these advantages, people who bought the Dowinx baby pink gaming chair don’t absolutely love it. On Amazon, the pink chair has a rating of below 4-stars which usually means that is some issue.

The look of the light pink is quite nice:

dowinx gaming chair with footrest
Theoretically, the Dowinx chair should be the bomb; sadly, it’s not.

Going through 100+ reviews, you can see that the top 2 concerns people have with the Dowinx chair are:

  • Poorly made.
  • Tall people don’t like it.

Checking out what the chair is made out of, there are no red flags but apparently, the chair can easily get disassembled and is not as stable as it should be. That’s the problem with having a sub-optimal core made out of hard plastic.

The chair itself is not a large one and there is little wiggle space when you want to adjust the height. Usually, chair seats have an up-and-down range of motion of about 4 inches.

Needless to say, because the baby pink Dowinx chair doesn’t really satisfy all of the gamers, it did earn the last place on our list:

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Care To Share Your Pink Gaming Setting?

I’m a guy with a dark red gaming setting and honestly, I would love to see some girly pink gaming settings. If you’re more into purple, here is a list of best violet gaming chairs as well.

If you have any, please share it with us below in the comments.

Here’s how we classified pink gaming chairs:

Light pink gaming chairs. This is actually a darker shade of pink color than pink (if that makes sense).
Deep pink gaming chairs. As the name suggests, this is a deeper shade of pink.
Baby pink chairs. A very light shade of pink that, I suppose, is somewhat more relevant in beauty products.
Hot pink chairs. Beware that a hot pink gaming chair doesn’t outshine all your other gaming gear; it’s quite an aggressive color.

Now, I’m a guy and for me, there is only one pink color. You know, the, am, pink color.

But my girlfriend did inform me that there are several different shades of pink. Before checking out the Top 10 Pink Gaming Chairs, let’s get a grip on what pink really means with this pinky guide:

guide to color pink with baby pink light pink deep pink and hot pink

Hopefully, we can together nail down the best pink gaming chairs. If you have any additions to the list, you’re also welcome to share we. We do love some cute pinky gaming chairs!

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