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11 Best Purple Gaming Chairs (2019 Edition)

What do Thanos’s beard and Mace Windu’s lightsaber (Samual L. Jackson character in Star Wars, yo) have in common? That’s right, they are both very much purple!

It seems that purple has some extraordinarily magical effect and so I’ve decided to create a list of the best purple gaming chairs.

Now, before we check out the purple chair list, a fair warning: “Purple” is just a general expression for a wide range of colors. The shades of purple include colors like ‘lilac’, ‘lavender’, ‘mauve’, ‘plum’ and ‘violet’.

So, when it comes to gaming chairs, there are also several kinds of purple as well as nice color combos like purple and black chairs and purple and white chairs.

I’ve put on my purple hunting hear to go out into the world of gaming chairs to bring those purple gaming chairs that look awesome, are comfortable and, above all, are reliable. This is what I came back with:

Ultimate Purple Colored Chairs For Gaming

Purple Chair:Chair Name:Add-ons:Rating:
deep purple and black gaming chair by vertagearDeep Purple VERTAGEAR SL2000 Premium Gaming Chair Hands down best purple chair money can buy
For 5'2'' to 6'4'' guys and girls
Stellar reviews and performance
Comes in purple/black and purple/white
4.4 out of 5 stars
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purple vitesse gaming chairVitesse Cheap Lilac Gaming Chairs Really cheap (about $110)
Sturdy and reliable
People praise it because of how comfortable it is
4.5 out of 5 stars
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purple and white gaming chair by akracingAKRACING Core Series Lavender And White Premium Chair Premium gaming chair and experience
Superb economics thanks to the contoured backrest design
5/10 year warranty (you probably won't even need)
5 out of 5 stars
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violet recliner by vitesseVitesse Purple Recliner For Gaming Incredible comfortable gaming
Stellar reviews (people love comfy, who would have thought?)
Not as expensive as old-school real leather recliners your grandma sits on
4.8 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
purple and black gt omega gaming chair for professionalsGT OMEGA PRO Gaming Chair In Plum And Black PRO chair for amateurs
High-end features that professional gamers use
Not a high-end price which is great
4.2 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
von racer chair in purple colored homallHomall Lilac Chair by S RACER Popular Homall brand
Standard no nonsense chair
Very budget-friendly and reliable
4.1 out of 5 stars
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ficmax periwinkle colored chairFicmax Purple Chair With Massage Pillow Best-selling purple chair
Has massage pillow and footrest
Price point above $150
4.1 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
dxracer purple and black gaming chairDXRacer Racing Series OH/RV001/NV In Purple Famous DXRacer brand
Very nice use of purple color
Comes with a higher price tag
4.1 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
purple elecwish gaming chair with black pu leatherElecwish Comfortable Purple Gaming Chair With Footrest Probably the most comfortable purple chair
Deep high-density padding
Added footrest
4 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
techni sport violet and white gaming chairTECHNI SPORT Premium Purple And White Gaming Chair Can double as an office chair
High quality TechniFlex synthetic upholstery
Some discounts available
4 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
akracing masters violet and black chairAKRacing Masters Series Purple And Black Chair Premium Chair
Cool high and lower back support
Bit overpriced?
3.9 out of 5 stars
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#1 VERTAGEAR SL2000 Deep Purple Gaming Chairs (Option With Black Or White)

VERTAGEAR doesn’t need a special introduction. It is a well-established gaming chair company with a singular goal: “Make the best gaming chairs in the world”. And with the iconic SL2000, they have managed to do just that (or thereabout).

The most fortunate thing is that they’ve decided they really want to make purple gaming chairs. Gamers usually like to pair purple with black or white; so which one did they pick? Well, both!

The VERTAGEAR SL2000 model is available in:

  • Deep purple and black edition.
  • Deep purple and white edition.

Obviously, the ergonomic design of the chair itself with steel frame, ultra-premium high resiliency foam, Class-4 gas lift is tremendous enough to warrant the #1 place as the best purple gaming chair in 2019:

two chairs in purple by vertagear
Two VERTAGEAR SL2000 chairs: purple and black (left) and purple and white (right).

Apart from being perfectly built, the one thing that stands out with these VERTAGEAR SL2000 chairs is the sheer intensity of the purple color. It really shines like Mace Windu’s lightsaber.

The upholstery is PUC leather; finally, a material that combines the best qualities of PU leather and PVC leather. The PUC leather in both rich-looking and durable. On the floor, you can see the big casters that are helpful when moving the chair around the room.

Now get this: VERTAGEAR SL2000 is a large chair with 330 lbs max. capacity and recommended for guys up to 6’4”. But it is also versatile as far as the height is concerned and nothing conveys that better than a review by a, get this, 5’2” female gamer who bought the purple and white chair:

review of purple and white gaming chair 5-star in 2019

In short, even though you are not 5’2” or don’t have perfect-looking purple and white hair, you can be assured the VERTAGEAR SL2000 is the perfect purple chair.

The installation process is fairly simple thanks to VERTAGEAR’s ‘slide-in’ assembly: even a girl can do it! You can check the current price of purple/black and purple/white chairs here:

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#2 Vitesse Cheap Lilac Gaming Chairs (Costs About $110)

I know that when you hear “cheap purple gaming chair” you’re pretty much like “Hey, cool, cheap chair but it’s probably crap”. Well, the very reason Vitesse lilac-colored gaming chair is the #2 on this list is that it is:

  1. Yes, cheap as f*ck. Like 100 bucks or something.
  2. Not crap at all (despite the low cost).

For one, the Vitesse lilac chair has a heavy-duty steel backbone (I dare you to break it) and a comfortable elastic sponge covered by skin-friendly leather that is so comfy!

The color of the leather is not purple per se; this shade you see on the Vitesse chair in the photo below is called lilac (that’s what my wife says, she knows colors?):

purple gaming chair in front of computer screens
Vitesse chair in lilac and black leather is one of the cheapest and comfiest gaming chairs around.

What really earns the Vitesse chair the highest marks is how versatile it is – everybody seems to love it. A lot of this has to do with the incredible 3.8” height adjustment range.

If you like this pinkish color, you can check out cute pink chairs here.

Obviously, what cannot get enough praise is just how comfortable it is. Usually, comfortable chairs cost more than $150. Here a review of a guy who bought two Vitesse chairs – purple and grey one – and confirms that this is a comfy ass chair:

review of purple vitesse chair and how comfortable it is

Having a comfortable chair counts for a lot because many of us play video games hours on end. On the other hand, if you really want to buy a new graphics card and don’t want to spend all the budget on a gaming chair, the lilac version of Vitesse chair is perfect for you:

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#3 AKRACING Core Series Lavender And White Premium Chair

Don’t you just love the smell of lavender in the morning? Well, AKRACING has developed a truly premium lavender and white-colored chair that doesn’t have a lavender scent but it does enhance your gaming experience big time.

The high backrest and wide chair is one of the Core Series that the AKRACING has come up with and it’s being praised especially because it has that rich and elegant feel. Translation: it’s a high-end chair with a special lavender and white edge to it.

It’s the best purple gaming chair if you’re looking for ergonomics. Its contoured backrest design supports your spine and upper body while gaming:

lavender and white gaming chair by akracing
AKRACING Core chair in lavender and white has premium ergonomics thanks to the contoured backrest design.

The AKRACING chairs, including this lavender variety, are crazy stable. You can even decline the chair down to 180 degrees and literally sleep in it without the fear of falling off (unless you have a cat that violently wakes you up and makes you lose the footing and sleep).

Being a premium chair simply means that materials used to build the lavender chair are top-notch. The AKRACING is well aware of how reliable their chairs are; without a problem, they always issue a 5/10 year warranty on all their gaming chairs, including the lavender and white one. You can get one here:

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#4 Vitesse Purple Recliner For Gaming (It’s Not A Chair, I Know I Know)

I usually don’t include recliners in the best (purple) gaming chair lists but this is definitely one great purple recliner for gaming that deserves the spot.

The Vitesse recliner in black and with shades of violet is incredibly comfortable; well, all recliners tend to be comfy. This one, additionally, has the extended leg rest and can double as a home theater chair. It’s not difficult to see why it’s getting straight 5-star reviews:

playing video games on purple recliner for gaming
Black and purple Vitesse recliner. Imagine enjoying that much comfort when playing computer games.

In contrast to standard gaming chairs, the Vitesse recliner comes with soft (very nice) PU leather than you can melt into. All the parts – the leg rest and armrests – are covered by mostly black leather with shades of violet that really make the recliner pop from the background.

If you really need a purple chair to relax, the Vitesse recliner is a brilliant idea. At least that’s what almost every reviewer agrees about it. You can check it out here:

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#5 GT OMEGA PRO Gaming Chair In Plum And Black

GT OMEGA chair in plum and black in really a professional gaming chair for amateurs in disguise. And by disguise I mean it doesn’t cost $500+ and you still get a taste of what pros require in their gaming chairs.

The PRO plum version (that’s like dark dark violet color) has some features that you’ll see in the pro’s chairs like 4D armrests (cause every millisecond counts when you’re a professional gamer) and cold-cure molded foam for increased focus during long gaming sessions.

What is more, the enhanced PVC upholstery means that the chair is much more skin-friendly (given you’re into purple chairs, I presume you also care how your skin feels; inside joke, stupid, I know). Anyways, here’s how the GT OMEGA PRO looks like:

features of plum gaming chair
GT OMEGA PRO chair in plum color with all the professional features an amateur gamer can take advantage of as well.

You can see all the features that make this chair a pro’s chair. The ergonomic design, thick steel frame, and the Class-4 gas piston are all there to increase the reliability of the gaming chair.

Obviously, most of us here are not professional gamers (yet) and don’t want to pay those $700 for a gaming chair. With the GT OMEGA chair we can taste a bit of what professional gamers sit on for less than half the cost:

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#6 Homall Lilac Chair by VON RACER (Of Course Homall Has A Purple Chair)

The Homall chairs are so versatile, popular and, dare I say, multicolored that you can bet you will see them in any best purple gaming chairs list.

Of course, Homall is a college kid chair that costs less than $200 and with kind of a guarantee that it will serve you very well for at least 5 years.

For the purple version, they really went into the lilac color because, well, I don’t know but it looks quite awesome. You can see that the embroidering reads ‘S RACER’ because S RACER has recently been buying out several notable gaming chair brands, Homall being the No. 1 pick:

s racer purple gaming chair
Popular Homall gaming chair in lilac colors. Looks quite cool and is reliable.

The lilac Homall is pretty much like every Homall chair: it has all the basics from PU leather, reinforced steel frame, and high and low back support covered. In a way, it is a minimalistic gaming chair that only gives you what you need.

This has two distinct advantages. Number 1; you don’t need to worry about all the fancy parts and how to install them. Number 2; the price. Purple colored Homall chair costs less than $120:

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#7 Ficmax Purple Chair With Massage Pillow

Of all the chairs on the list, the Ficmax purple is probably the best selling one and it’s been around for ages. Yes, that means that it has kind of an old-school design, but it also means that it is tried and tested and people who bought their first one still keep coming back for more Ficmax purpleness.

Here are a couple of reasons why so many people enjoy playing video games seated on a purple Fixmac chair:

  • Has a footrest. That’s awesome, here is the list of the top chair with footrests.
  • Has a massage lumbar pillow.
  • Is comfortable.

What more really can a gaming chair offer in terms of how comfortable gaming experience is? Here’s how it looks:

best selling purple gaming chair
Fixmac is one of the best-selling purple gaming chairs of all time.

Having all that great track record and extra features, however, doesn’t really come at a budget-friendly cost.

The price of Ficmax is still less than $200 because it is not a premium chair. Nonetheless, it doesn’t far below $200 price point at most times. You can check the price of Ficmax best selling purple gaming chair here:

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#8 DXRacer Racing Series OH/RV001/NV In Purple

If you have heard of one brand (well, or 3 brands to be sure) is the gaming chairs industry, it was DXRacer. DXRacer is really a brand that goes above and beyond feature-wise and material-wise but it sads me to say that there is a lot of somewhat negative reviews of their chairs, and their Racing Series purple chair is no exception.

A lot of that has to do with the shipping and not actually the quality of the chair, to be honest.

The DXRacer is a big and bold chair with a nice patch of purple color here and there; just enough for my taste:

dxracer purple racing chair
Big and bold DXRacer Racing Series chair in purple color.

The purple strives in the 5-star base of the chair are a nice touch. The DXRacer chairs are quite grandiose and the purple model is no exception.

Obviously, the DXRacer brand does come with quality and, as a consequence, a higher cost. This is a $300+ purple gaming chair, its latest price is available here:

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#9 Elecwish Comfortable Purple Gaming Chair With Footrest

Alright, we have finally come to the most comfortable purple gaming chair. Elecwish is, with the exception of the #4 pick that’s admittedly a recliner, the most comfortable you  can sit while gaming.

It features the high-density and deep padding which is all you can wish for when looking for comfortability. There is one sitback though: the padding really has to be high-density because if its not, you’re going to lose yourself in all that softness.

Luckily, when they were designing Elecwish, they used the high-density padding that look kind of like this:

purple gaming chair
Elecwish chair is the most comfortable you can sit while gaming.

It has a 330 lbs maximum weight capacity due to the strong base and steel frame. The wheels, however, are a bit lacking. These black/purple casters you see are made out of hard plastic which admittedly is not the ideal material to make the casters out.

Nonetheless, sitting experience is quite unbeatable. The violet Elecwish chair does cost a bit more than standard Homall chair, for example. You can check the current price here:

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#10 TECHNI SPORT Premium Purple And White Gaming Chair

The TECHNI SPORT is one of the kind. This is not some cheap violet gaming chair but a premium chair with a distinct purple and white TechniFlex synthetic upholstery.

Such chairs do cost more than $600 and when you see the quality of the leather and the superb built materials, you can easy figure out why such a price is quite justifable:

most expensive purple and white chair for gaming
TECHNI SPORT is a top-tier gaming chair that can easily double as an office chair.

Being so high-end, the TECHNI SPORT chair can easily be used as an office chair. Many people choose it because they want to have it in the home office; it looks great and when all the office work is done, you can just switch to Steam and start to game the day away.

One great thing is that despite being one of the most expensive chairs, you can find some discounts if you check the Amazon listing. You can check it here now and see if you can get a discount if you buy it within 24 hours:

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#11 AKRacing Masters Series Purple And Black Chair

On the last place is the AKRacing Masters series chair; in black and purple, obviously. This is a wonderful chair for gaming but there is a good reason why it’s not listed higher, and it has to do with the price.

Yes, it is a premium chair but it does cost $400 which is a bit too much. Still looks incredible in the violet color:

akracing max gaming chair in deep purple
AKRacing Masters Series chair is a premium chair but it also commands a premium price.

The best thing that I almost always miss with most of the low-end chair, including the purple ones on this list, is the subtle high and low back support. Of course, pretty much every violet chair has both of these but they are quite bulky. The AKRacing Masters Series features a broad and easy support pillows that are really enjoyable to use.

All in all, if you have a bit too much money, the AKRacing purple chair is a good option, but if you would rather spend that money on a new gaming rig:

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Which Purple Chair Do You Own?

Chances are that this is not the first purple gaming chair you’re buying. As always, if you have some experience with the chairs on the list, please do share them in the comments.

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